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Creating a Character

12 47m Total length
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Watch demo
12 47m Total length

Master modeling characters in Modo in this two-part tutorial from professional illustrator Warner McGee that explores transforming your concept sketches into fully-rendered 3D characters. Part I covers bringing your drawing into Modo, then modeling the character using Modo’s powerful and easy-to-use modeling tools. Part II covers UV’ing, texturing, lighting, posing and rendering the character, and it finishes up with a few final touch-ups.

Advanced 3d modeling character creation with Warner McGee
Online training series for 3d character creation in Modo

What's in the tutorials - Part 1 videos

UI and Tools Overview

Preferred preference settings and shortcuts.

Modeling the Head Part I

Setting up backdrop plates and modeling the basic head shape.

Modeling the Head Part II

Adding details to the head and prepping for retopology.

Modeling Retopo

Retopologizing the head for proper polygon flow.

Modeling the Face

Modeling the face details, adding eyelashes and eyebrows.

Modeling Hair Part I

Modeling the basic forms of the hair.

Modeling Hair Part II

Adding the ponytail and hair planes.

Modeling Shirt

Modeling layered shirts.

Modeling Skirt

Modeling skirt and legs.

Modeling Hands

Modeling the hands.

Modeling Boots

Modeling boots.

Modeling Scarf

Modeling a flowing neck scarf.

What's in the tutorials - Part 2 videos

UVs Part I

Setting up UV mapping for the body and clothes.

UVs Part II

Completing the UV mapping on head and hair.

Texturing Part I

Introduction of texturing process and setup for lighting.

Texturing Part II

Texturing shorts and leggings.

Texturing Part III

Texturing skirt, boots and face.

Texturing Part IV

Texturing eyeball and surfacing the skin.

Texturing Part V

Texturing hair.

Posing Part I

Initial joint setup and binding process.

Posing Part II

Posing and weight map refinement.

Posing Part III

Comparison of 2D artwork for refinement of 3D geometry.

Posing Part IV

Final tweaking of the posed character and importing handbag.


Final lighting and rendering with some Photoshop image enhancement.

Product information

Package contentPart I and II combined: 24 videos, 10 scenes in LXO format, 39 assorted images and textures

Experience levelAll levels

Software compatibilityModo 601 and later