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Spaceship Modeling

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modeling Sci-Fi Spaceship

Dive into the sci-fi world of CG spacecraft design, while learning to organize and control a large modeling project in Modo. In this modeling tutorial, Andy Brown pays tribute to CG spaceships and has some fun while exploring a valuable methodology you can apply to future hard surface modeling projects in Modo. This series includes a unique spaceship model created by Stargate series concept designer James Robbins.

3D asset and modeling creation in Modo
Andy Brown online tutorial video series for 3d modeling and sculpting

What's in the tutorials

Blocking Out

In this video we concentrate on developing a proxy model for the project, which will form the backbone of the project and be a constant source of reference.

Hull Topology

As we begin building the final model, we investigate a method for developing topology that will accommodate the ships intricate detail, while preserving the clean flowing lines of the hull.

Hull Detailing

With the main ship modeling structure in place, this video explores three different approaches to adding embellishments and detail to the design.


This video focuses on building a canopy that will open and close believably, while developing detailed interior cockpit control surfaces using the Model Bashing kit.


We complete the tutorial by modeling the outriggers, which are very important parts of the design and are little microcosms of the whole project.

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Package content5 videos, CG spacecraft model

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Software compatibilityModo 501 and later