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Texture Painting

3h 37m Total length
3h 37m Total length
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Photorealistic modo texturing Painting

Learn how to create amazing photorealistic textures from scratch while mastering Modo's powerful painting engine. This accessible tutorial from Richard Yot walks through the step-by-step process of creating three projects, detailing techniques for creating custom hand-painted textures that give photorealistic results. The four videos in this course cover virtually all of the Modo paint tools, including brush tips, inks and the various nozzles; they also cover techniques for using presets.

Learn how to use Modo's paint tools in this tutorial series
Advanced painting in Modo online training videos

What's in the tutorials


An introduction to the Paint tools in Modo, including recommendations for setting up System Preferences in Modo to optimize your painting experience.

Oil Drum Project

Richard leads you through the process of crafting custom textures to create a corroded oil drum.

Tree Frog Project

In this video, we paint a model of a frog perched on a branch using only the Paint tools within Modo. Custom brush creation is demonstrated as well as the time-saving use of symmetric painting and extensive use of Image inks.

Leather Chair Project

In this final project, we use a supplied model of a desk chair that we enhance with a bespoke leather seat material of our own creation.

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Experience levelIntermediate

Software compatibilityModo 601 and later


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