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What is Furnace

Furnace is an Oscar-winning, sophisticated suite of over 40 2D image-processing plug-ins designed to enhance workflow and boost productivity for digital artists. Drawing on extensive research into advanced image-processing algorithms, Furnace's tools help VFX artists tackle everyday compositing tasks with ease and speed.

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Retiming and speed ramping

Kronos and MotionBlur take the grind out of shot retiming and let you manage motion blur with ease. Generate vectors for use in other plug-ins and convert them from other apps to speed up the compositing process.

Shot stabilization and alignment

Our shot stabilization and match-moving tools are some of the most powerful in the Furnace arsenal. Steadiness automatically tracks and removes translational and rotational camera shake, while smoothing high-frequency camera shake without affecting the underlying camera motion. Furnace's Align tool also assists with basic stabilization and match-moving.

Shot cleanup and restoration

Furnace gives you powerful tools for cleaning up shots, including plug-ins for removing wires and rigs and easy-to-use features for eliminating scratches, dirt and flicker. MatchGrade speeds up color matching by automatically modifying the color histogram of an image to match a reference image.

Color channel and texture management

Furnace provides unparalleled flexibility for manipulating color channels and managing textures. Create large images from small sample textures, automatically remove misaligned color channels in an image, repair damaged channels and much more.

Motion management

Furnace's dynamic motion tools simplify and streamline important tasks like tracking and repairing surfaces in a sequence, segmenting and separating foreground objects from the background and rebuilding frames in a clip to clean up temporal artifacts in a sequence.

Furnace tech specs

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Furnace user guides

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  • Retiming and speed ramping
  • Shot stabilization and alignment
  • Shot cleanup and restoration
  • Color channel and texture management
  • Motion management
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