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Import Speed Improvements

Artists and Production Staff often have to import a high number of boards, which can be time-consuming. In Flix 6.3, panels are created in bulk, the interface is released faster, and rendering is taken care of in the background, cutting down import times by more than half!

Flix More Secure than Ever (HTTPS - SSL/TLS)

More Secure than Ever (HTTPS - SSL/TLS)

Flix 6.3 comes with an extra layer of security for all communications between end-users and Flix Server. Productions can be safe in the knowledge that all communication and data can now be encrypted, adding to Flix’s pre-existing secure signing and authentication mechanisms.

Improved Avid Dialogue Workflow

Improved Avid Dialogue Workflow

Keeping track of ever-changing dialogue between Story and Editorial can be challenging. To solve this, Flix 6.3 gives Avid users access to the latest dialogue in a convenient captions file, available with every editorial delivery. This offers greater visibility and flexibility while experimenting with panel and dialogue timing.

Continued Improvements

Continued Improvements

We’re always taking on feedback and striving to create the best experience for our users. That’s why Flix 6.3 sees more continued improvements: the new Sort properties make it easier for Avid editors to cut in new deliveries, the new Duplicate Panel button allows Story Artists to reuse boards more efficiently, and Tech Teams can now benefit from more organized and structured asset storage.

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Storyboard Pro 支持

Storyboard Pro支持

Storyboard Pro艺术家们:现在您可以把在中意应用程序里绘制好的系列图板,按照新序列修订版方式轻松地导入Flix之中。得益于6.2版的更新,运用Storyboard Pro创建的故事板如今也成为Flix生态系统的一部分了,每一名Storyboard Pro用户从此都能享受到Flix的全部出色体验了:文件管理、与剪辑部门的流转以及无所限制的协作。从此,制作中的每个人都能够了解故事的开发进展。而且最重要的是摄像机移动、以及在Storyboard Pro和剪辑部门之间进行的过扫描也都成为了无缝的过程。制片和剪辑,今后可以完全掌控该过程。



Flix 6.2引入了全新的注解系统,图板注解“Panel Comments” 允许用户在序列中的各个图板上编写反馈、想法和注解。而且其中的所有注解都能添加标记,可让艺术家一眼便知晓哪些图板需要特别予以关注。最终:得益于用户和相关人员之间更加简化的沟通,将再一次凝聚创造性的协作。