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Get to grips with our look dev and lighting toolset, Katana, with these in-depth webinars.

Katana 3.1

Introduction to Katana 3.1

Want to learn Katana? This tutorial series is a great place to start, taking you through the basics of setting up a scene. Learn from the beginning and develop a strong understanding of the features and workflow.

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Begin Learning Katana

Learning Katana, Part 1

In this first episode of three, Jordan Thistlewood looks at what’s covered by Katana, and how the workflows available in the tool can vary depending on which rendering plugin is being used.

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Learn katana free online tutorial part 2

Learning Katana, Part 2

In the second episode, Jordan demonstrates how an artist performs look development, and what options Katana provides to package and share the look development results into a pipeline.

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How to use Katana part 3

Learning Katana, Part 3

In the final episode, Jordan looks at how Katana allows smaller teams of artists to produce higher volumes of shots with a consistent quality, and how the same tools can allow for an efficient master lighter to shot lighter collaboration.

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Learning Katana full online free tutorials

Learning Katana Series

Watch the full free online Learning Katana webinar series from Jordan.

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Head to the Community space to connect with other Katana users and see what they’re working on.

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