Director of Brand and Marketing Strategy


Meet the Team

Winny Lee


Winny Lee — CRM & Automation Manager

It's easy to love working in Foundry's marketing team because you're surrounded by passionate people all the time. As marketers, it's important to believe in the brand you're promoting, and the team makes this effortless as each challenge I share with them is met with determination, forward thinking and encouragement. Having access to some of the most modern resources in tech, the sky's the limit when you've got a fresh idea, and Foundry is always supportive when it comes to exploring it!

Jen Goldfinch


Jennifer Goldfinch — Senior Director of Industry Marketing

Working in Foundry’s marketing team allows me to combine my love of movies and my passion for connecting people together. The Industry team manages our outward-facing marketing programs for our commercial and education clients around the world. We are responsible for virtual and in-person events, customer presentations, and working with industry partners. Our goal is to showcase our customer’s incredible work alongside our technology and to develop an inclusive environment to tell these stories. Our passionate global team cares deeply about the success of our customers, it’s an inspiration to go to work every day!



Simon — Digital CMS Manager

The strong relationship with the digital team allows easy and efficient communication. Everyone is given lots of freedom in carrying out their own projects, providing each member with exciting and interesting opportunities. If you have a brilliant idea, you can quickly act on it. With access to some of the newest technical tools, especially those involving analytics and SEO, the team is able to gain a particularly strong insight into the VFX market.