Meet the Team

Pedro Guimares


Pedro Guimaraes — Enterprise Sales Manager - EMEA

All for one and one for all" is the definition of our Team. The experience blends with youth, structure with creativity and work with fun. That's why it is so enjoyable and inspiring to work in the Sales Team.

Mike Ephraim


Mike Ephraim — VP of Sales

In the sales team, we take pride in providing rewarding opportunities to people with a wide range of skills and experiences: from entry-level to seasoned professional. We constantly assess our talent pool looking for the next great manager or enterprise salesperson

Hannah Howell


Hannah Howell — Enterprise Sales Manager

We are a diverse bunch, making our environment fun and truly enjoyable. I’m in charge of the London and SE Studios/Institutions, so whether it's dining with my clients or seeing what they are working on, it’s a constant evolution on training and development on a personal level.