Meet the Team

Mike Ephraim


Mike Ephraim — VP of Sales

In the sales team, we take pride in providing rewarding opportunities to people with a wide range of skills and experiences: from entry-level to seasoned professional. We constantly assess our talent pool looking for the next great manager or enterprise salesperson

Hannah Howell


Hannah Howell — Enterprise Sales Manager

We are a diverse bunch, making our environment fun and truly enjoyable. I’m in charge of the London and SE Studios/Institutions, so whether it's dining with my clients or seeing what they are working on, it’s a constant evolution on training and development on a personal level.

Askari Namazi


Askari Namazi — Channel Sales Manager, India

Foundry has such a vibrant and inspiring customer base, I enjoy working with them and taking the time to get to know how I can help them achieve their vision. I love traveling to India, the territory I manage, to meet our customers and see the extraordinary things they create with our software - they’re always pushing boundaries and we get to learn so much from them!

 Raouf Mahmoudi


Raouf Mahmoudi — Sales Representative

Foundry is a unique place to be working at. Everyone is willing to help and learning is constant and interesting. As a salesperson what I love the most is meeting my clients, talking about their passion and learning more about what project they are working on. It is such a blessing to be working with such talented individuals and to be able advise them so they can achieve the future they envision and more.