Meet the Team

Jessie Burgess


Jessie Burgess — Creative Specialist

Foundry means working with a great team that not only works together but can laugh together. I especially enjoy the collaborative environment as we are always encouraged to give input for the features we work on and work closely with the designers and developers.

Ruth Hutton


Ruth Hutton — Creative Specialist

When I first joined Foundry, I was blown away by how warm and welcoming everyone was. It’s clear, as a company, they strive to build a positive work environment, and it’s fantastic to be able to work with such creative and passionate people.

One of the many reasons I love my role as a CS is because I have the opportunity to work directly with studios and artists, discover how they use our products, and how we can help them achieve their goals. As well as training artists, I am also continuously learning myself by working with the software I love on a daily basis and exploring new workflows and features that are constantly being developed.

Sukrit Sachdeva


Sukrit Sachdeva — Creative Specialist

I just have to say, I absolutely love working at Foundry! The vibe here is so warm, you can tell everyone truly cares about each other and they're always there to help out. I'm super into self-growth and this place definitely fuels that fire, giving me all the chances I need to just keep evolving. Plus, having the freedom to pick my own projects? It's incredible! I feel like I have the power to make a real difference. It's such a delight being a part of this fantastic team!