Head of Education & Creative Services


Meet the Team

Sarah Leavitt


Sarah Leavitt — Head of Creative Services and Education

One of the most unique aspects of CS is the level to which we understand our customers. We are the eyes and ears for our customers and have also been our customers. Each Creative Specialist has production experience and is able to channel customer needs back internally.

Arielle Martin


Arielle Martin — Creative Specialist

Being Creative Specialists at Foundry has proved to be very dynamic and exciting. Presenting/demoing to studios, we are constantly exposed to new experiences and challenges. Working between them and the product teams, I find myself constantly learning new things.

Mateusz Losinski


Mateusz Losinski — Creative Specialist

Working with Modo and Colorway is an amazing experience, I can put all my skills and knowledge to the test and use them to contribute with our clients and software users. A lot of people I meet at Foundry are amazingly approachable and eager to help if someone is interested in extending they knowledge.

Jessie Burgess


Jessie Burgess — QA Engineer, Nuke

Foundry means working with a great team that not only works together but can laugh together. I especially enjoy the collaborative environment as we are always encouraged to give input for the features we work on and work closely with the designers and developers.