Meet the Team

Szymon Podboraczynski


Szymon Podboraczynski — Digital CMS Manager

The strong relationship with the digital team allows easy and efficient communication. Everyone is given lots of freedom in carrying out their own projects, providing each member with exciting and interesting opportunities. If you have a brilliant idea, you can quickly act on it. With access to some of the newest technical tools, especially those involving analytics and SEO, the team is able to gain a particularly strong insight into the VFX market.

Amanda Li


Amanda Li — Social Media Executive

I love being part of the Marketing team as I am constantly learning and challenged in my role. I am always encouraged to share my creativity and ideas, which has made me feel valued in the team. Each day is different for me as I work closely with many departments and am always collaborating with different teams!

Marina Cantabrana


Marina Cantabrana — Marketing Manager

Working in the marketing team at Foundry is a great opportunity to keep learning something new everyday. We are the voice of many departments and around 10 different products, which allows for endless strategies and creative approaches. We also work very closely with customers, this gives us an opportunity to meet very smart people who bring amazing ideas to life, and sometimes that means seeing a movie breakdown before anyone else!