Senior Product Designer

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Meet the Team

Christy Anzelmo


Christy Anzelmo — Chief Product Officer

Foundry is a fantastic place to be a product manager, with the ability to develop our product strategy and impact the wider business. Our teams are encouraged to work closely with clients to develop best-in-class solutions which are then used by artists around the world.

Mark Titchener


Mark Titchener — Principal Product Designer

Being a product designer here provides a unique opportunity to work with inspiring people devoted to creating the best products, whilst being given the freedom to explore different design solutions, contribute your own ideas, and discuss designs directly with customers.

Katie Malfe


Katie Malfe — Product Specialist

Coming from the Customer Support team into Product, we're all very passionate about the industry, and helping Foundry's userbase investigate and resolve issues is our way of contributing. We're a very social bunch that likes to organise meals out and gaming lunch breaks, which complements the time spent troubleshooting well, making for a perfect work hard play hard combination.

Arielle Martin


Arielle Martin — Associate Product Manager, Lighting

Being an Associate Product Manager at Foundry has proved to be very dynamic and exciting. Presenting/demoing to studios, we are constantly exposed to new experiences and challenges. Working between them and the creative specialists, I find myself constantly learning new things.'