Foundry’s Modo now supports Facebook 3D posts

Modo software lets creators easily export Facebook-ready 3D objects

Facebook 3D posts made with Modo

Creative software developer, Foundry, today announces that Modo will help creators bring 3D and virtual reality content to the masses, arising from an early partnership with Facebook.

The update comes as Facebook recently launched updates to its 3D posts feature, letting users create and post 3D objects directly to their News Feed from more places - including Foundry’s flagship 3D modelling tool, Modo

Modo’s advanced modelling workflows, high-speed performance and user-friendly interface makes it the ideal tool for artists to create and export 3D content for third-party applications like Facebook. The tool has a proven track record for creating elegant models quickly, helping artists bring bold ideas to life. 

Foundry worked with Facebook to develop a custom 3D posting workflow in Modo, which included the development of a new exporter and shader that both work for a broader array of file formats than are currently available in the industry. 

Facebook 3D posts allow content developers to create 3D objects in a variety of creation tools including Modo and then share them to the News Feed. Facebook users can then grab, spin and interact with the objects to look at them from all angles. The technology presents artists and businesses with a unique opportunity to create more engaging and compelling content, while offering users the opportunity to enjoy interactive 3D experiences on Facebook.

Shane Griffith, Senior Product Manager at Foundry, commented:

Facebook 3D posts are an exciting new way to share 3D content and one that Foundry was keen to get involved in from the start. Designers have enjoyed Modo’s high-performance rendering and photographic content creation capabilities in the advertising industry for many years, making it the perfect tool to create content for Facebook 3D posts. We are proud to work closely with companies like Facebook to create solutions that enhance artist creativity and open up 3D content to new audiences in new ways.

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