Foundry launches First Year Free program: highlighting commitment to building and inspiring the next generation of artists

First Year Free program provides students with free access to Foundry software for one year

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Leading creative software developer, Foundry, today announces the launch of two initiatives to improve students’ and aspiring artists’ access to cutting-edge industry tools, including the market-leading software, Nuke.

Foundry has launched the First Year Free1 initiative, giving students access to five of Foundry’s leading software products, free of charge. Eligible students will be able to obtain a one - year Education Collective license, giving them access to Nuke Studio, Mari, Modo, CaraVR and now Katana.

The Education Collective wraps the best production tools into a single, node-locked license. The new Collective makes Katana, Foundry’s flagship look development and lighting tool, as well as 3Delight renders licenses, available free of charge for Foundry Education customers.

Sarah Leavitt, Head of Education and Creative Services at Foundry, commented: “We are always looking for ways to make it easier for aspiring artists to experiment, learn and hone their creative passions. With the First Year Free program, the next generation of artists can gain direct experience working with the best tools in the industry.

“As part of Foundry’s commitment to the grassroots of the VFX and animation industry, we have put together the Education Collective package, so that Foundry Education customers and those on the First Year Free program can access Katana as part of the bundle, without any additional cost.

“We are extremely proud that our software has and continues to shape so many Academy Award-winning and nominated films. This is a call to all the ambitious, talented, future Oscar winners out there: here is a free opportunity to explore the industry’s leading tools for a year. Seize them, unleash your creativity, and jump-start your career in VFX.”


1To be eligible, students must be enrolled in a full-time school or university. Students must also be a new Foundry customer. Existing customers do not qualify. The First Year Free program is a customer acquisition program, so existing customers are not eligible.