Foundry re-engineers pre-production workflows with launch of Flix 6.0

Flix 6.0 comes with a new UI for a more efficient and intuitive user experience, fostering greater collaboration and giving time back to artists by automating manual tasks

Flix 6.0 is released

Leading creative software developer, Foundry, today announces the launch of the highly-anticipated Flix 6.0, introducing a raft of exciting new features to its collaborative story development tool. 

Flix accelerates pre-production workflows by fostering creativity and the iterative story development process, enabling greater collaboration between departments and automating administrative and repetitive tasks that take time away from the creative process. Through these efficiencies, Flix allows for creative decisions to be made early on during pre-production, which greatly reduces the need for costly reworks in later stages.

With this release, Foundry has put in place a complete re-architecture, giving Flix a new UI which is more intuitive and collaborative, and shaping it into a much more scalable and robust central hub. 

Key features include:

  • Collaborative Hub: Flix is designed to sit at the heart of pre-production, acting as a central location for everyone, including story artists, production staff, directors and editors - whether they are at the studio or working remotely - to access all versions of every section of a project.
  • Virtual production assistant: Flix enables users to work in their preferred method on Photoshop, whether that’s with Layer Comps, Timeline Frames or the Layer stack, and automates naming, organizing and managing boards. It also ensures an efficient editorial round trip, so that users can output their edits from Flix to Premiere and back with timing, ordering and audio data with a simple drag-and-drop.
  • Review tools: Flix allows users to add drawn notes to panels, enabling the smoother transfer of information across departments. It also enables users to record pitches and automatically share them with editorial to be reviewed any time.

Brice Banel, Flix Technical Product Manager at Foundry, commented: “Flix was created to harmonise a pre-production process that has been notoriously chaotic in the past. It is designed to keep all pre-production departments – from the story, editorial and production teams to those working in layout, animation and lighting – on the same page at all times. We’ve turbo-charged Flix so 6.0 does the job even better than previous versions, laying the foundations for more exciting updates in the future.”