Get more than 75% off Cara VR!

This summer we’ve got a fantastic offer available: get Cara VR at more than 75% off the usual price when you buy a new seat of NukeX or Nuke Studio.

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Whether you’re looking to get your first NukeX and Cara VR licenses, or you’re an existing Foundry customer purchasing additional seats, this offer represents fantastic value for money. 

Make sure you take advantage of it while you still can- this is a limited time offer only.


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Cara 2.1 Out Now!

The newly released Cara VR 2.1 includes updates to Cara VR’s Stitcher and Camera Solver as well as additional tools for stereo corrections and more, on top of all the major updates introduced in Cara VR 2.0. 



  • Available offline only
  • Not available with the purchase of Nuke seats
  • Available on 1 seat of Cara VR per NukeX or Nuke Studio
  • Permanent licenses only
  • Offer ends August 31, 2018