Foundry partners with swatchbook to deliver innovative software and workflow solutions

Foundry and swatchbook, inc., the designers and makers of the cloud-based material lifecycle management platform swatchbook, today announce their software integration


Users of swatchbook’s and Foundry’s offerings will be able to manage their digital materials and supporting assets in with direct access through Foundry’s design solutions.

The first deliverable of this partnership is swatchbook’s native support of Foundry’s Colorway, the industry leading application for 3D asset management for artwork variations.

“With our focus on the fashion industry we have seen Modo and Colorway emerge as the de facto standard in footwear design”, says Yazan Malkosh, founder and CEO of swatchbook. “Partnering with Foundry will allow us to integrate both of our solutions even tighter to further streamline the user’s workflow, giving them a single place to effectively manage their materials and supporting assets.”

“We are excited to join this partnership which supports our goal to help brands use the power of 3D to bring better products to market faster. Finding and experimenting with different virtual materials has never been easier with this integration. Designers can bring their ideas to life quickly and iterate on them, as they simulate design variations with Colorway in real-time. All without the need to print designs or make changes to physical prototypes”, says Jon Wadelton, Chief Technology Officer, Foundry.

swatchbook support for Colorway

swatchbook has extended its material meta-data description to allow the native support of Colorway’s unique shader definition. To use a set of materials for design variations of a product in side Colorway, users simply put all materials inside a collection inside swatchbook. With the powerful visual representation of materials in form of photographic images, real-time 3D and Augmented Reality (AR), users will be able to explore all the materials on the browser or on the swatchbook mobile app to ensure that the right materials have been selected prior to working with them inside Colorway.

Once satisfied, swatchbook’s sync application allow users to download the desired collections to their desktop. The sync application downloads all the necessary data for a seamless import into Colorway, and immediate creation of their design variations.

Working with real materials

The support for Colorway is not only available for the materials the user uploads, but any of the 5,000+ materials that have been uploaded by suppliers. Any material can be customized accordingly by individual organizations so it can be used inside of Colorway without affecting the public representation of the material. All custom additions and metadata for each material are only visibly to the organization that added the information.


swatchbook’s support for Colorway is part of the latest update that is immediately available to all current subscribers.

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Colorway intelligently allows designers to bring all aspects of their workflow together into one, intuitive interface. Without needing to learn how to use a complex 3D application, the designer can interact with photorealistic 3D models and use them in their presentations. To learn more about Colorway’s unique feature set visit