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Nuke Assist license

What is Nuke Assist?

Available as two additional licenses for every Nuke Studio or NukeX license with valid maintenance, Nuke Assist gives artists access to a select set of Nuke nodes to perform the essential everyday tasks of paint, roto, 2D tracking and planar tracking. It comes completely free for Nuke Studio and NukeX customers who have valid maintenance.

How many Nuke Assist licenses do I get for every Nuke Studio or NukeX license I have?

Two Nuke Assist licenses will be available with every Nuke Studio or NukeX license on valid maintenance.

What is the benefit of having the Nuke Assist tool?

The Nuke Assist licenses will allow you to share your paint, roto and 2D tracking work with a wider group of artists, without the additional cost of a full Nuke license.

How will Nuke Assist be licensed?

Nuke Assist will be licensed as two separate Nuke licenses, and both will be linked to the maintenance term of your existing Nuke Studio or NukeX license. When your maintenance expires, so will the Nuke Assist licenses.

Is Nuke Assist available with all types of licenses?

No, Nuke Assist is only available on permanent licenses—not on rental. education, or Individual subscription licenses.

Is Nuke Assist available as both floating and node-locked licenses?


I am a Nuke customer—can I buy Nuke Assist licenses?

Nuke Assist is only available for Nuke Studio and NukeX customers with valid maintenance. If you are a Nuke customer and want to get your hands on the Nuke Assist tool, contact us or your local reseller to upgrade your Nuke license to NukeX or Nuke Studio today.

I am a Nuke Studio or NukeX customer with valid maintenance—how do I get my Nuke Assist licenses?

If you have current maintenance and don't have your Nuke Assist licenses, please contact us and our Sales Admin team will help you.

I have a three machine redundant license server, how do I get my Nuke Assist licenses?

Customers with this set up should contact to access their Nuke Assist licenses.

Is it possible to buy more Nuke Assist licenses?

If you are a Nuke Studio or NukeX customer on valid maintenance and want to increase the number of Nuke Assist licenses you have, please contact us or your local reseller to discuss purchase options.

Purchasing and licensing

What is maintenance?

Maintenance gives you all the latest features, bug fixes and updates, for both minor and major releases. As well as this, you get exclusive access to technical support and beta programs (which gives you a say in what’s included for future releases). Customers get maintenance free for the first year when they purchase a Nuke license. After that, maintenance needs to be renewed annually for a fee.

If I'm on rental, will my Nuke be updated when a new version comes out?

If there’s a new release or update of Nuke during the term of your rental agreement, you’ll be eligible to get the update. This updated version of Nuke can then be used for the remainder of your rental period.

What is the difference between a node-locked and a floating license?

With a node-locked license, you can only use Nuke on the machine the license is assigned to - it’s tied to a single, specific workstation system ID. Floating licenses are installed on a license server, and can be used on any machine networked to the server the license is assigned to. Please note however, only one workstation can use the license at any time.

How many machines can I install my software on?

You can use Nuke licenses on one machine or server at any given time. However with floating licenses, you can run Nuke on any machine networked to the server the floating license is assigned to (up to the number of floating licenses purchased).

How do Nuke Render licenses work?

Nuke Render licenses offer a headless version of Nuke, without a GUI, that can be used for rendering on an external render farm. Nuke Render licenses can be used to render files from commercial versions of Nuke, NukeX, Nuke Studio and Hiero. Render licenses are available as floating or node-locked licenses, and as permanent with maintenance or on rental.

What is your return policy?

We do not issue refunds for either permanent or temporary license keys.

Can I upgrade my Nuke to NukeX or Nuke Studio?

Yes! You can upgrade your license to a higher edition - including NukeX, Nuke Studio or the Production Collective. Contact our sales team for help with upgrading your licenses.

Learning and support

Where do I go for support?

For help setting up or using Nuke, please go to our Support Portal, or check out the Community for advice from your peers.

What’s the best way to learn how to get started with Nuke?

We have a broad range of free video tutorials to get you up-and-running with Nuke. Once you’ve mastered the basics, there are videos to guide you through the more advanced workflows. Go to our Nuke Tutorials page to check them out.

Are manuals included with the software?

Yes, HTML user guides are included when you download the software, and you can also access them online in the user guide section of our support page.

Education and Non-commercial

Is there an Education version of Nuke available?

Yes - the Education versions of our Collectives include Nuke. Visit the Education page for more details.

Is there a free version of Nuke for non-commercial use?

Yes, you can get a free, non-commercial version of Nuke. This is to be used exclusively for personal projects, at home learning and exploring. It can’t be used at work or for commercial projects. Find out more about Nuke non-commercial here.


What is a Collective?

Our Collectives give you a selection of our core products, bundled up together. These are all accessed using a single license. Currently, we offer one type of Collective: the Production Collective. The Production Collective comes with Nuke Studio.

Can I upgrade Nuke to the Production Collective?

You can. To find out how, contact sales or your reseller.

What will happen to my Production Collective when new versions of Nuke become available?

When a new version of Nuke is released, the Production Collective will be updated to include it. You can download the latest version of Nuke for use with your Production Collective as soon as it is released.


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