Nuke - 合成、剪辑与审查

Nuke Studio, high quality playback, edit and review software for compositing and more





Post-production powerhouse

With over 200 nodes and a scalable node graph and image processing engine, Nuke provides the ultimate compositing toolset and gives artists everything they need to tackle diverse digital post-production challenges at any scale and resolution.

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Advanced compositing tools

Nuke’s Deep compositing tools reduce the need to re-render CG elements when content changes. It allows artists to work with images that contain multiple opacity, color and camera-relative depth samples per pixel.

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Work with future-facing technology

Nuke offers support for the leading industry standards including OpenEXR and rising technologies including Hydra and USD. Plus, with support for OpenColorIO and ACES, color management is easy and ensures consistent color from capture through to delivery.

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Maximize your 3D workflow

Artists can quickly place 2D and 3D elements using Nuke's integrated 3D environment. This workspace allows complex projection workflows using custom geometry to be set up and rendered with ease.

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Compositing and much more
  • • Nuke’s advanced set of tools offer new levels of technical and creative control
  • • A vast array of flexible tools available at your fingertips
  • • Streamline your pipeline and tackle complex projects with ease
Unparalleled power and performance
  • • Nuke meets the needs of modern production work with support for industry-standard file formats
  • • Be more efficient with your compositing with a robust multi-channel workflow
  • • Tackle large scale projects thanks to Nuke’s node graph and resolution-independent processing
Collaboration, speed and efficiency
  • • Work fast with Nuke’s cutting-edge toolkits and fluid workflows
  • • Reuse tools thanks to features like Gizmos, Toolsets and Presets
  • • Easily share Nuke scripts, and parallelize work using LiveGroups, powering collaboration whether you’re sitting side by side or across the globe
The perfect fit for your pipeline
  • • Open and customizable, Nuke offers a flexible pipeline that scales to your needs
  • • Experience full pipeline integration, automate common tasks and procedures with Nuke’s robust Python API and Pyside
  • • Write your own image processing operations with Nuke’s C++ SDK, or using Nuke’s BlinkScript node

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Who’s using Nuke

Vikram Kulkarni Senior Compositor, Double Negative


Vikram Kulkarni — Double Negative 高级合成师


Patricia Llaguno, Nuke compositor


Patricia Llaguno — Framestore 合成组长

Nuke是Framestore进行电影制作的首选合成工具; 它非常灵活、可定制并且用户友好。 Nuke让我们的创意人才自由地探索和拓展思路,解决各种问题; 有了Nuke,一切都可以在合成中修复!

Gregor Puchatz headshot


Gregor Puchatz — Aaron Sims 创意师、CG总监

Nuke Studio是我们工作室的支柱,它早已深入到工作室的各个方面。

  • Double negative use Nuke for powerful compositing
  • Framestore love Nuke and use it for editorial playback and review
  • Milk love using Nuke, Nukex and Nuke Studio
  • MPC are big users of Nuke for compositing in film


Buy $5,518* Rent $1,919/qtr*
  • 行业标准的合成
  • 200多创意节点
  • 整合3D环境
  • 强健的Python API和 C++SDK
  • 技术支持访问权
*Price subject to applicable taxes
Buy $10,268* Rent $3,539/qtr*
  • 高级合成工具
  • 完整的NUke工具集
  • 可用于3D摄像机追踪,清理和校正的高级插件
  • 2套Nuke Assist授权(仅限永久授权)
  • 技术支持访问权
*Price subject to applicable taxes
Buy $11,868* Rent $4,089/qtr*
  • 多镜头管理,剪辑,合成与审查
  • 完整的NukeX合成工具集
  • 可自定义的多轨道剪辑时间线
  • 可整合及提取AAF,XML以及EDL
  • 2套Nuke Assist授权(仅限永久授权)
  • 技术支持访问权
*Price subject to applicable taxes
Buy $622*
  • 渲染器授权: 浮动式或节点锁定式
  • Nuke 的无头版本 (无GUI版)
  • 适用于外部渲染农场中渲染
  • 可从 Nuke, NukeX, Nuke Studio 和 Hiero 中渲染
  • 可选包含维护的永久授权
*Price subject to applicable taxes






只要您愿意,就能获得免费且无水印的Nuke、NukeX甚至是顶级的Nuke Studio版本,从而按照自己的计划去学习、探索和享受乐趣。


Nuke Indie版

Nuke Indie版结合了业界领先的节点式合成以及强大的速度、力量和灵活性,正是希望以可接受的价格创作高质量视觉效果的个人艺术家的终极工具。


Explore the Nuke Family

Take a look at the other products in the Nuke family and find the one that best suits your needs.

  • All the features of Nuke plus even more advanced tools so you can take your compositing to the next level.

  • Combining the power of NukeX and Hiero into one toolset for more streamlined multi-shot management, editorial, composting and review.

  • The ultimate node-based compositing toolset at an accessible price.

  • Seamlessly review dynamic timelines with an intuitive editorial toolkit for all your multi-shot management, conform, editorial and review needs.

  • Desktop review tool allowing you to review shots in context and compare render versions quickly.