And that’s a wrap for NAB 2017

This year’s NAB was one of the best we’ve been to yet.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to all our peers, partners and guests, as well as everybody who came to watch us or say hi, for making it such a great experience. We hope you all enjoyed it - and that we gave you some food for thought. Here’s a quick recap on what happened:


Introducing Elara

Set to be a game-changer in the way studios run, Elara is a cloud-based service for post production. It centralises infrastructure, creative tools and pipeline in the cloud giving users fast and flexible access to Foundry and third-party applications, integrated cloud rendering, scalable storage and compute all in one place.

Elara offers a complete ecosystem for post-production run remotely and accessed via a web browser. Elara gives users the freedom to spin up a virtual studio with a global team, central pipeline and resources with a few clicks, and without having to worry about high capital expenditure and management complexity.

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Elara the cloud platform from Foundry

Nuke 11.0 beta is now available!

We also announced that the open beta of Nuke 11.0 is now available for all customers with current maintenance As always, we’d love your feedback, so we can make sure the finished product works exactly like you need it to.

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Didn’t make it to the show?

……. Or did make the show, but missed some of the action? Check out the video highlights below.

Foundry introduces Elara with special guest Lytro Cinema at NAB 2017


Foundry panel: How cloud technology could change the VFX industry NAB 2017

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