Webinar: Online editing in Nuke Studio: tips, tricks and best practices

In this webinar, Product Manager Juan Salazar will show you how to get the most out of Nuke Studio for online editing and prepping VFX shots. Using an ad campaign that contains multiple edits and outputs, Juan will walk through the process step by step, and share some time-saving tips and tricks to speed up the conform, online and distribution process. 

Topics covered in this webinar will include an introduction to the interface; how to set up your project; an overview of media bins and media management; and a guided tour of basic editorial tools, including linear and nonlinear retiming, and three-point editing.

Juan will also cover using Soft Effects and comparison modes to match the offline; preparing plates for compositing; and using annotations and tagging shots for distribution. Finally, he’ll show you how to swap raw footage for transcodes and graded footage; explore the basics of the export structure; and point you to some Python scripts available online that can increase your efficiency.