Streamline your workflow with Nuke Studio and Hiero

In this Foundry webinar, Terry Riyasat shows how best to harness the power of the timeline tools of Nuke Studio and Hiero to create a fluid review workflow for any project.

Katana Webinar

Webinar Katana Deployment Essentials

In this webinar, Jordan Thistlewood discusses all the considerations that need to be made when deploying Katana into your pipeline. Register for the webinar here!

Webinar Live Groups

Webinar Live Groups: exploring the power of collaborative workflows in Nuke

In this Foundry webinar, Head of Creative Services (AMER) Terry Riyasat covers Live Groups from top to bottom, looking at the many different ways Live Groups make it easier to collaborate in Nuke. Watch here.


Power of localisation in Nuke

Webinar Harnessing the power of localization in Nuke

Want to find out more about localization in Nuke? Izzy Genova, creative specialist, explores the process that enables you to cache files locally in Nuke, creating a local copy linked to the file server. Watch here.

Flix 6.0 webinar

Flix 6.0: story development to production, the easy way

Register for Brice Banel’s new webinar, where he’ll show you how Flix 6.0 helps your team iterate story development.