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Creating the Wild West for The Magnificent Seven with ZERO VFX and Nuke

ZERO VFX explain "invisible effects" in the remake of The Magnificent Seven.

After 7 years in the film and television industry, Boston-based ZERO VFX has grown a reputation for delivering high-quality “invisible effects” for films such as Black Mass, Patriots Day and Ghostbusters.

ZERO were involved very early on in Magnificent Seven and the shots required a variety of effects, including gunshots, projectile arrows and creating a mountainous landscape with footage shot on a flat landscape. In order to create this CG landscape, they turned to Nuke.

Sean Devereaux, Co-Founder/VFX Supervisor, ZERO Visual Effects

We probably spent 80% of our time doing one shot and then 20% of our time doing the rest of the shots because we built the system with Nuke that was so procedural.

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