Meet the Team

Tom Roberts


Thomas Roberts — Lead Customer Support Engineer

As a Customer Support engineer, I get insight into both the development process of our products and how our customers are using them too. I work within a team that is highly-motivated but also fun and friendly, where I am given opportunities to develop my skills and contribute to my ideas.

Sian Gizon


Sian Gizon — Lead Customer Support Engineer

The customer support team interacts with many customers from around the world. This helps us to better understand different customer needs within the industry.
Customers can contact us regarding a wide range of issues and this diversity means that every day is different, which is one of the best things about my role.

Harry Greaves


Harry Greaves — Customer Support Engineer

Working as a Customer Support Engineer I get to interact with a wide range of customers while working alongside a dedicated and friendly support team who are constantly driving to provide the best care to our customers. In my role there is always a great sense of satisfaction that comes with providing a customer with a solution, and with every new issue there is a chance to grow and improve my skills.

Nick Beaufait


Nick Beaufait — Customer Support Engineer

In Customer Support, I’m part of a driven and caring team that strives to empower our customers with knowledge, advice, and remedies for the challenges they may face. As no two issues are quite alike, the continuous opportunities for learning and adaptation keep me engaged, motivated, and invested in creating positive customer experiences.