IT Manager, Linux


Meet the Team

Vilius Vaitiekunas


Vilius Vaitiekunas — Lead Business Systems Engineer

I have the chance to work with different teams within the company as well as improving customer experience. I get to use the latest tech, work with amazing people in a great environment. Every day brings a new challenge which keeps things fun and interesting.

Patrick Hamilton


Patrick Hamilton — Senior Director of Corporate Technology

Every day presents a new and interesting challenge as we keep pace with changes in technology and thinking. Although demand for expertise is heavy, we have a very laid back culture and get to play with the latest toys prior to handing them over to our dev teams!

Christopher Nicoll


Christopher Nicoll — Principal Software Engineer - DevOps

Working within the DevOps department ensures every day is different. Whether you’re working on the planned process and build improvements or solving requests from fellow colleagues, there’s always something to work on that challenges and develops you.