Meet the Team

Kirstyn Salehi


Kirstyn Salehi — Education Manager

At Foundry, I engage in meaningful work that sparks joy through seeing students succeed. In my role as Education Industry Manager, I combine my passion for teaching with my creativity in marketing and networking. I work with a team that is dedicated to supporting instructors teaching VFX software to equip students with the skills they need to succeed in the creative industries. Culture and company values keep me going even when the work is challenging. Within our teams, we recognize each other as people with unique interests and personalities. We have space to share those within the company and our time outside work is valued and protected. Despite being remote, I feel like I belong at Foundry.

Jen Goldfinch


Jennifer Goldfinch — Senior Director of Industry Marketing

Working in Foundry’s marketing team allows me to combine my love of movies and my passion for connecting people together. The Industry team manages our outward-facing marketing programs for our commercial and education clients around the world. We are responsible for virtual and in-person events, customer presentations, and working with industry partners. Our goal is to showcase our customer’s incredible work alongside our technology and to develop an inclusive environment to tell these stories. Our passionate global team cares deeply about the success of our customers, it’s an inspiration to go to work every day!

Ian Taylor


Ian Taylor — Head of Learning Content

Foundry's culture of innovation gives me freedom to explore ideas with inspiring and talented people. As the learning landscape changes, so do we - learning new skills, refining our approach, and strengthening partnerships with our peers. It’s a stimulating and rewarding environment where everyone can thrive.

Tim Auld


Tim Auld — Senior Technical Content Author

Working on Foundry's learning content is a great opportunity to flex your creative muscles whilst gaining valuable insight into how our products work. Distilling complex information into both written guides and effective video lessons is a great challenge.