Foundry releases Mari 7.0

Mari 7.0 is here! Experience the power of the Bakery, streamlined texturing, automatic backups, upgraded USD workflows, and improved licensing options

mari 7.0

London, December 4 2023 — Mari 7.0, the latest version of Foundry’s texturing tool, is now available. Its new baking tools will enable artists to create geometry-based maps at speed, without the need for a separate application. Mari 7.0 also features VFX Reference Platform 2023 support.

Mari 7.0 is Foundry’s final release of 2023, following on from the launches of Nuke 15.0 & 14.1, and Katana 7.0 & 6.5. Nuke 15.0v2 is also now available.

So what's new in Mari?

  • New baking tools, now known as the Bakery — cutting out the need for a separate application or plugin, create geometry-based maps including curvatures and occlusions with ease and speed.
  • Texturing content — with new Python Examples and more procedural nodes, access an additional 60 grunge maps, courtesy of Mari expert Johnny Fehr.
  • Automatic Project Backups — with regular auto-saving, revert to any previously saved state either locally or across a network.
  • Upgraded USD workflows — reducing pipeline friction, the USD importer is now more artist-friendly, plus Mari now supports USD 23.05.
  • Shader updates — ensuring what’s seen in Mari is reflected in the final render, shaders for both Chaos Group’s V-Ray 6 and Autodesk’s Arnold Standard Surface have been updated.
  • Licensing improvements — team licensing is now available, enabling organization admins to manage the usage of licenses for Mari.

For more information, see the full press release here