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Nuke Indie

Foundry introduces accessible version of Nuke for solo artists

7月 21, 2020

Foundry announces the release of Nuke Indie - an accessible version of Nuke Studio for eligible solo artists.

Foundry Live

Foundry announces summer edition of Foundry Live

7月 8, 2020

Foundry announces the launch of the summer edition of Foundry Live - their biggest online event of the year

Katana 3.6 press release

Katana 3.6 raises the bar on traditional workflows with powerful UI updates

6月 16, 2020

Introducing Katana 3.6 with its new, artist-focused snapping functionality, Network Materials Edit, advancements to 3Delight NSI 2.0 and more

Virtual Events thumbnail

Foundry announces Virtual Events Plan

4月 2, 2020

The events will feature a mix of speakers from the VFX industry: compositors, lighting artists and 3D artists