Flix 6.3 out now with new levels of security, faster imports and enhanced editorial control

Introducing Flix 6.3: faster, more secure and more efficient than ever before

Flix 6.3

Having released two major features in 2019 with Avid and Storyboard Pro, Foundry’s focus for Flix in 2020 is on incremental improvements to speed and efficiency. 

Flix 6.3 is the first release of the year, focused on enhanced security with HTTPS, faster imports, an enhanced Avid Dialogue workflow that gives editors greater control of their captions and editorial deliveries.

The new release highlights include:

  • Enhanced security: With HTTPS there’s an extra layer of security for all communications between the end-user and Flix Server, which can now be encrypted.
  • Import Speed Improvements: Panels are created in bulk, the interface is released faster, and rendering is taken care of in the background, cutting down import times by more than half. 
  • Improved Avid Dialogue Workflow: This new Flix version gives Avid users access to the latest dialogue in a convenient captions file, available with every editorial delivery, which helps keep track of the ever-changing dialogue between Story and Editorial.

Brice Banel, Flix Product Manager, Foundry, comments:

“The focus for this release was to improve Flix, based on all the feedback we’ve received from productions transitioning  to Flix 6 over the past few months. Flix 6.3 offers more security for studios working with remote artists, as well as improved performance regarding import speeds and Avid round tripping, making complex effect handling more reliable than ever without sacrificing quality. We’re looking forward to more feedback from our passionate user base, allowing us to continue making Flix the best story development tool for artists and producers...”

The full list of features for Flix 6.3 can be found here. To demo or purchase Flix 6.3 contact