Foundry goes behind the scenes of Carnival Row and showcases virtual production success at FMX 2023

Join us at FMX! Break boundaries and optimize workflows with the Foundry team in Stuttgart.

FMX 2023

London, April 20 2023 -  Foundry, the leading developer of creative software for the Media and Entertainment industries, today reveals its plans for FMX 2023. 

Foundry will be returning to FMX in Stuttgart, Germany from April 25-27 with a series of captivating events, focusing on breaking boundaries in VFX education, optimizing compositing and review workflows, look development and lighting and more.

On Tuesday, April 25, Eugenie Nitusgau, Senior Sales Representative - Education, and Kirstyn Salehi, Education Industry Manager, host the Breaking Boundaries in VFX Education: Expanding Horizons through Online Learning panel. Join Foundry and expert educators to explore the benefits of continued education, for both novices and pros. 

For those interested in learning more about look development and lighting, the Exploring the Science of Texturing with Mari: A Practical Guide for Artists talk, hosted by Charli Holt, Mari Product Manager, and Gaël Kerchenbaum, Character and Creature Artist, will take place on Wednesday, April 26. Discover the advantages of transitioning from a traditional layer stack workflow to a node-based approach and unlock the full potential of Mari's toolset.

Also on Wednesday, April 26, Anaïs Torreblanca, Compositing & Finishing Associate Product Manager at Foundry, will be joined by Denys Holovyanko, Senior Compositor at Goodbye Kansas, to take us behind the scenes of their production for the action packed troll fight sequence in season two of Carnival Row, and walk us through how some key shots were created using Nuke.

“We are delighted to announce our team is returning to FMX once again with a new set of production stories,” says Christy Anzelmo, Chief Product Officer at Foundry. “We’re looking forward to hearing from customers using Foundry products from Nuke to Katana and Mari on some incredible projects. From advancing film making through new on set and machine learning workflows, to improving sustainability and promoting education, it’s always great to come together with our industry at FMX!” 

Full Foundry schedule:

Breaking Boundaries in VFX Education: Expanding Horizons through Online Learning

Tuesday, April 25 | 14:30 PM CET

Elevate your VFX skills with online learning for career advancement.

Behind the VFX of Carnival Row Season 2: The Troll Fight Scene

Wednesday, April 26 | 11:15 AM CET

Learn how Nuke helped Orlando Bloom fight a huge troll in Amazon’s Carnival Row

The Comandante Paradigm: Utilizing Near Real-Time and Machine Learning Workflows

Wednesday, April 26 | 12:30 PM CET

Go aboard a submarine without leaving dry land with Near Real-Time techniques. 

Evolving Research & Technology for a Minimized Footprint featuring Ben Kent as a panelist

Wednesday, April 26 | 2:30 PM CET

Discuss advancements in technology for sustainable media productions..

Look Development and Lighting Coffee Break 

Wednesday, April 26 | 2:30 PM CET

Kick back with the lighting experts and enjoy refreshments. 

Exploring the Science of Texturing with Mari: A Practical Guide for Artists

Wednesday, April 26 | 3:45 PM CET

Learn the fundamentals of texturing and practical ways to apply your knowledge. 

Optimizing Your VFX Review Workflow: Lessons from a VFX Supervisor

Thursday, April 27 | 2:30 PM CET

Join Hugo Guerra through a day in the life of a VFX Supervisor. 


Detailed information on Foundry’s FMX 2023 activity can be found on our official Events page.