Flix 6.2 - now released with Storyboard Pro

Foundry, the leading developer of creative software for the Media and Entertainment and Digital Design industries, today releases Flix 6.2

Flix 6.2 release

Following the Avid Media Composer integration earlier in July, this release adds the much anticipated Storyboard Pro support enabling productions with a more streamlined workflow for artists. Collaboration, visibility, and flexibility across teams are supported by other new features such as Panel Comments and Smart Panel Reuse, and a much improved Premiere automation. 

What’s new in Flix 6.2:

  • Storyboard Pro Automation: boards created in Storyboard Pro are now a part of the Flix ecosystem, so Storyboard Pro users can enjoy the full Flix experience: file management, editorial round-tripping and collaboration which lets everyone in production have visibility over story development.
  • Panel Comments allows users to write feedback, thoughts and notes on individual boards in a sequence. Any comments written on a panel are flagged, so artists can see at a glance which boards require attention.
  • Smart Panel Reuse. Flix now knows whether a specific file has ever been imported in the past, and will reuse the existing panel instead of creating a new one. Artists can enjoy greater flexibility when working offline and a more fluid workflow as unchanged panels won’t get re-imported into Flix, but instead efficiently reused.

Brice Banel, Flix Product Manager, Foundry,  comments:

“We believe artists should never be forced to use software that hinders their creativity. This release welcomes Storyboard Pro users to the Flix ecosystem, where they’ll benefit from a more streamlined collaboration with others in the production, even if they’re in another part of the world!  Along with the long-awaited Comments feature, this release is another major milestone towards making Flix the perfect package for story development.”

The full list of features for Flix 6.2 can be found here. To demo or purchase Flix 6.2 contact