Foundry completes the Modo 11 Series with significant modeling enhancements

Modo 11.2 will help artists to deliver even faster and more visually spectacular work.

Modo 11.2 Series

London, 6th November 2017: Creative software developer, Foundry, has today announced the launch of Modo 11.2, the third and final instalment of the powerful Modo 11 Series.

Building on the improvements made in Modo 11.0 and 11.1, the industry leading 3D modelling tool updates with a host of updated features that will help artists to deliver even faster and more visually spectacular work.

“The continued development of the modeling tools and enhancements to UV-related workflows make Modo 11.2 a great release. And the performance improvements shown for deforming objects shows Modo is aiming at providing a much more pleasant experience when animating in the application,” said Sergio Mucino, trainer and founder of

Key features for this new release include:

Poly bevel improvements: improving edge flow through complex geometry intersections the new poly bevel features include Square Corner, which provides the option to add a quadrangle at sharp corners of boundary polygons and Offset Even makes the distance of an inserted face even. Maintain Co-Planar Edge fixes some special cases related to co-planar edges, while Edge Rail is a new option for group bevel tasks.

Procedural Modelling tools: continue to expand and provide even greater flexibility. The new ‘Select by Previous’ operation allows procedural selection of previously created elements in the modelling stack. The new ‘Set Polygon Type’ mesh works on any surface polygons or selection of surface polygons. It modifies the polygon type, converting polygons into faces, subdivision surfaces or catmull-clark polygons. Plus, there is now a new ‘Flip Polygons’ mesh operation to reverse the surface normal of polygons.

UV tool advancements: making it even easier for artists to texture games assets with consistency and efficiency. Additional features have also been added to align UV islands more quickly and stack islands for more efficient texture usage. Modo 11.2 also sees the introduction of a new UV coverage indicator showing the coverage percentage by foreground items and all items in a UV map.

Other updates include animation performance enhancements, alembic replicator and particle data export, a new cloud based present browser, a MeshFusion ElboPipe Assembly and updated texel density tools.

Shane Griffith, Product Manager, Foundry, commented: “The Modo 11 Series has delivered improved value across several areas, helping artists, designers and games developers to deliver content that is more inspiring, creative and efficient. We believe the final instalment of this series will propel the performance and reliability of 3D modelling tasks for the next generation of projects.”

Modo 11.2 goes live today and will be available for purchase on Foundry’s website and via accredited resellers.