Hiero releases.

Footage courtesy of CherryCherryVFX

Juan Salazar, Nuke Studio Product Manager, Foundry

For Hiero we have continued working on stability and updating it to the latest industry standards.

Hiero 11.2 Download Release notes

Hiero improved project panel (VIDEO)

Hiero improved project panel

Artists managing projects in Nuke Studio receive a huge boost from a collection of enhancements that make it easier to organize, manage and navigate. This feature also brings new functionality to the spreadsheet and the timeline.

New Sorting

Arrange your project bin in alphabetical or by custom order. There are new buttons at the top of the project bin with controls for the hierarchy view and the bin view independently.

Improved Searching

The search functionality in the project bin and spreadsheet has been improved, with new options to search all metadata (or not), and to use all (or any) of the words that are input in the search field.

Poster Frame

Users can now set the poster frame for clips in the bin and timeline. This can be set for single or multiple clips at a time by using either absolute or relative frames: great for shots with slates or black handles.

Color Assignments

Users can now assign colors to clips in the project bin, which will also be shown on the timeline and spreadsheet. Colors can be set for basic clip types (like audio sequences), and based on file types and versions (like  exr and mov) giving a clear, visual way to identify when a version of a clip is full res or a mov WIP.

Camera SDK and GPU support updates (IMAGE)

Camera SDK and GPU support updates

SDKs for ARRI and R3D have been updated. ARRIRAW to version and R3D to 7.0.6. Support for IPP2 will be available in a future release of Nuke 11.2.
The list of supported GPUs has been expanded to include Integrated GPUs in the 2017 iMac Pro (and later models) and the Radeon Pro WX 9100 and Radeon Pro SSG (GPU component only) on Linux and Windows.
See the Tech specs page and release notes for full details on support and compatibility.

Hiero 11.1 Download Release notes

Expanded clip properties in Hiero

Expanded source clip properties

Properties for source clips in the Nuke Studio and Hiero timeline have been extended to offer more consistent properties with Read nodes in Nuke and create more efficient workflows across the Nuke Family. Source clip properties are now shown in a Nuke-style Properties panel. This consolidates existing options into a single location, providing faster access and greater control. A new Project root directory allows source footage file paths to be relative, making the sharing of projects between locations or artists easier and more efficient. In addition, source clip properties are accessible through the same Python API as Nuke, improving scripting capabilities and the ability to integrate Hiero into existing pipelines.

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