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Hiero releases.

Footage courtesy of CherryCherryVFX

Juan Salazar, Nuke Studio Product Manager, Foundry

For Hiero we have continued working on stability and updating it to the latest industry standards.

Hiero 11.0 Download Release notes

Hiero disk caching

Timeline Disk Caching

Now including new GPU accelerated disk caching, the latest release of Hiero allows users to cache part or all of a sequence for smoother playback - including footage, soft effects, and track blending. This update is ideal for those with timelines too big for the RAM cache - or users working on smaller machines - who don’t want to localise everything.

Nonlinear re-times from AAF

Nonlinear re-times from AAF

Nonlinear re-times are now automatically recreated as a soft effect when importing AAF files, so users don't have to recreate them manually. These can then be managed alongside other soft effects - linear re-times, transforms, crops, etc.

Hiero 11 Pipeline & standards updates+

Pipeline & standards updates

A substantial body of work completed to keep up-to-date with industry standards, Hiero has been updated to VFX Platform 2017. This involves many major updates to key libraries used within Hiero, including Python, Pyside, and Qt.

Hiero 10.5 Download Release notes

Enhanced control over format and resolution

Enhanced control over format and resolution

Hiero now gives even greater control over the resolution you’re using in the timeline. You’re also now able to specify comp resolution and output resolution independently to match the timeline, plates or a custom resolution.

Create comp script improvements

Create Comp script improvements

Create super-streamlined composition scripts from Hiero’s timeline, with fewer nodes and a cleaner layout. Composition scripts now maintain concatenation, reducing the time taken to set up shots for further comp work or distribute to other artists.

Track blending modes

Track blending modes

We’ve added 11 more blend modes to choose from when overlaying tracks in Hiero's timeline, including Multiply, Color Burn and Screen. These let you design complex blending effects that match the methods available in the node graph, and preview them in real-time. Timelines with these overlays can be read by HieroPlayer.

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