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Hiero releases.

Hiero 10.5 Download Release notes

Enhanced control over format and resolution

Enhanced control over format and resolution

Users now have more control over the resolution they are working with in the timeline. In Hiero you can also specify comp resolution and output resolution independently to match the timeline, plates or a custom resolution.

Create comp script improvements

Create Comp script improvements

Composition scripts created from Hiero's timeline have been streamlined with fewer nodes and a cleaner layout. They now maintain concatenation, speeding up the process of setting up shots for further comp work or distribution to other artists.

Track blending modes

Track blending modes

You can now choose from 11 additional blend modes when overlaying tracks in Hiero's timeline, including Multiply, Color Burn and Screen. The new modes allow you to create complex blending effects that match the methods available in the node graph and preview them in real-time. HieroPlayer can read timelines with these overlays.

Hiero 10 Download Release notes

Performance and stability improvements in Hiero and HieroPlayer

Performance and stability improvements

The Hiero 10 release focuses on enhancing performance, increasing stability and delivering new functionality in the areas you told us matter most: playback, export and more.

Timeline updates in Hiero

Timeline updates

Hiero's timeline toolset is now even better, with new in-timeline Soft Effects, including a real-time keyer and color correction, enhanced audio handling and a big push on improving performance.

OCIO Integration (Hiero, HieroPlayer)

OCIO integration

Integrating OpenColorIO into Nuke's root LUT management means artists can save time by using the same processes for accessing OCIO LUTS as any other type further simplifying the color management process.

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