Turn algorithms into art

Machine learning has the power to accelerate creativity and automate the mundane across visual effects, animation and beyond. Artists and studios can achieve results they couldn’t before and get to the final creative faster by removing drudge work. Through ongoing research and product development, our aim is to provide the framework by which artists can gain creative freedom and control to apply the technology to create beautiful images. Foundry’s compositing tool Nuke has a full suite of tools to make machine learning accessible, empowering artist and algorithm to work in harmony.

Nuke CopyCat masterclass: Tips and tricks from the experts

Find out how Foundry’s machine learning tools could benefit your workflow with our CopyCat masterclass video series. Get insights on optimising your inputs, avoiding common mistakes, and refining your model for better results. And if you missed it, you can also catch up on our post-masterclass Q&A with the Foundry Research team.

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Machine learning for the masses: Inference & Nuke 13.1

Nuke’s Inference node is used to apply CopyCat models to images in Nuke. Nuke 13.1 saw the functionality of this node extended via third party PyTorch model support, allowing users to bring their own machine learning models into Nuke, and run them performantly and reliably. This opens up Nuke to a broad range of community generated ML models.

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Tackle industry challenges

  • ML

    Accelerate your creativity

    Smash deadlines and meet demands with a comprehensive ML toolkit at your fingertips in Nuke’s industry-leading architecture, supporting rapid creative workflows—without sacrificing quality.

  • Scale projects and processes

    Scale projects and processes

    Work easily at scale with CopyCat, allowing users to train neural networks to complete a whole range of tasks using only a small number of reference frames.

  • Automate the mundane

    Automate the mundane

    Nuke’s Upscale and Deblur nodes use a pre-trained machine learning network to enable artists to resize footage by x2 and remove motion blur from footage quickly and easily, so you can crack on with creative work faster.

  • Reduce manual tasks

    Reduce manual tasks

    Automate the more mundane tasks and save huge amounts of time, especially when facing tight deadlines. With this extra time, you can spend more time focusing on the creative side of things rather than boring manual tasks.

Machine learning solutions

  • Advanced, industry-standard compositing

    Amplifying the power of core Nuke, NukeX adds advanced tools for machine learning, 3D camera tracking, clean up and refining. It puts more power and control into the hands of compositors and elevates the creative process, whilst reducing the need to roundtrip between other packages. CopyCat and the Inference nodes, as part of NukeX’s machine learning toolset, enable artists to harness the power of ML inside of Nuke and create bespoke effects and tools with high-quality results in relatively little time.
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  • Multi-shot management, editorial and compositing

    Nuke Studio is your post-production powerhouse—now with the added bonus of formidable machine learning capabilities. With multi-shot management, editorial and compositing in a single application, you can experience greater creative control, work seamlessly from start to delivery, and experiment with AI and automation workflows to get to that final pixel-perfect image faster.
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Framestore accelerates their creative process using Nuke’s CopyCat

We caught up with Framestore to find about the creative process behind anti-knife campaign Long Live The Prince, and how machine learning technology in the form of Nuke’s CopyCat node was deftly used to benefit the production.

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  • Introduction to Machine Learning in Nuke

    Introduction to Machine Learning in Nuke

    Learn how the visual effects industry is impacted by machine learning, and how you can introduce it to your compositing workflows in Nuke.

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  • Get started with CopyCat

    Get started with CopyCat

    Discover how to train the neural network inside CopyCat to replicate sequence-specific effects, such as beauty repairs, shot clean-up, garbage matting, or deblurring.

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  • Discover near real-time

    Discover near real-time

    Go behind-the-scenes of Comandante and discover how the novel technique near real-time was developed to meet the production constraints of the project.

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  • Foundry Webinar: Become a Lighting Artist on Animated Films

    Using AI to Speed Up Your VFX Shot Prep

    Discover how to use Nuke’s CopyCat node to perform preliminary work on a VFX shot and let AI do the heavy lifting—so you don’t have to.

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