Story is everything. Flix it

Flix は混沌としたストーリー開発のプロセスに秩序をもたらし、優れたストーリー作りにクリエイティビティを集中させ、制作プロセスをスケジュール通りに進行することができます。


Flix makes life easier for both Creative and Production teams. Which one are you?

Creative   Production

Why Flix

Free yourself of administrative tasks
  • • Focus on being creative whilst Flix takes care of naming, version, storing, and organizing your files.
  • • Flix handles all files, generates assets, and keeps previous revisions for easy access.
  • • Be liberated from mundane admin tasks and keep everything organized for seamless collaboration.
An intuitive workflow to iterate freely
  • • Easily revisit previous ideas, repurpose sequences, and explore new possibilities.
  • • Use intuitive tools so production can focus on anything that can’t be automated.
  • • Bridge the gap between story and editorial, and bring order to the chaos of storyboarding.
Collaborate efficiently
  • • Work across teams and departments globally, so they can develop the best stories possible.
  • • Everyone on the team has access to the latest versions whether it is short or long-form content.
  • • Leave comments, notes, and feedback on individual boards for an efficient review process across teams.
Keep using the tools you love
  • • Automatically connect with your favorite sketching and editorial applications.
  • • Work in the way you’re used to. From Layer comps to Timeline Frames, Flix will manage all your software files.
  • • Hold everything in Flix’s library, filter boards by sequence, artist, or date, and find everything you need easily.

FLIX 6.0

効率的なインターフェースと新しいアーキテクチャにより、さらに進化した Flix。ユーザー設定、検索可能なライブラリなどの新機能が追加されました。

Flix 6.0 の詳細を見る
Flix Infographic


試行錯誤を繰り返すストーリー検討の作業において、Flix を使用した場合と使用しない場合のワークフローの違いを比較してみましょう。