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Newsletter - April 2020.

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Love the intuitive UI of Nuke 12.1’s new Shuffle node? Discover the time-saving shortcuts that make shuffling channels faster and easier.


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Discover the small but mighty improvements we’ve made to the Backdrop node which aim to improve artists’ day-to-day workflows.

Backdrop Node improvement

Backdrop Node Improvements in Nuke 12.1

In keeping with Nuke 12’s theme of improving day to day workflows, Nuke 12.1 includes a small but useful change to the backdrop node.

When working closely with artists in active production, our design team observed interesting and innovative ways people were using to minimize bright colours and distractions within their scripts.

One of the most common workflows we observed was layering multiple backdrop nodes on top of each other with the top one colored to match the node graph, creating a windowed effect. While effective, this made users run through extra steps and bloated scripts.

To help with this type of set up, we have added an appearance option (with a width sider) to the Backdrop node to allow for easy creation of less obtrusive Backdrop nodes.

If you have a suggestion for a seemingly small but impactful improvement you would like us to look at, please get in touch with our wonderful support team to log a feature request!


Meet the Team


David Nolan Product Manager


Meet David Nolan, Product Manager, as he discusses his career, being part of the Nuke community, Nuke 12.1 and his all-time favorite Nuke feature.

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Take a look at how Outpost VFX uses Nuke for their episodic productions and how it helped them capture their final vision in the production of See.

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