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Flix - Ultimate Story Development Software

Bring order to the chaos of Story Development

Flix brings order to the chaos of story development, so Creatives can focus on great storytelling, and Production can be confident projects run like clockwork.


Flix makes life easier for both Creative and Production teams. Which one are you?

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Why Flix

Free yourself of administrative tasks
  • • Focus on being creative whilst Flix takes care of naming, version, storing, and organizing your files.
  • • Flix handles all files, generates assets, and keeps previous revisions for easy access.
  • • Be liberated from mundane admin tasks and keep everything organized for seamless collaboration.
An intuitive workflow to iterate freely
  • • Easily revisit previous ideas, repurpose sequences, and explore new possibilities.
  • • Use intuitive tools so production can focus on anything that can’t be automated.
  • • Bridge the gap between story and editorial, and bring order to the chaos of storyboarding.
Collaborate efficiently
  • • Work across teams and departments globally, so they can develop the best stories possible.
  • • Everyone on the team has access to the latest versions whether it is short or long-form content.
  • • Leave comments, notes, and feedback on individual boards for an efficient review process across teams.
Keep using the tools you love
  • • Automatically connect with your favorite sketching and editorial applications.
  • • Work in the way you’re used to. From Layer comps to Timeline Frames, Flix will manage all your software files.
  • • Hold everything in Flix’s library, filter boards by sequence, artist, or date, and find everything you need easily.


Bring your team and your stories together, with centralized story assets, powerful pipeline customization, and streamlined cross-team collaboration. Experience a smoother and more secure pipeline today, with Flix 7.0.

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Discover the iterative story development

Flix lives at the heart of your pre-production, making it easier for teams to collaborate together and iterate on ideas.

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