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Browzwear’s pioneering 3D solutions for apparel design, development and merchandising are the key to a successful digital product lifecycle. Through the power of beautiful, true-to-life and photorealistic 3D images, designers, developers, production and marketing can now collaborate effectively to get creative products to market faster than ever before. With Browzwear, brands and retailers around the world are connecting people and processes, reducing physical samples, and merchandising garments before they are produced.

With Browzwear for Modo, you can easily transfer your designs in Lotta to Modo. This seamless bridge allows you greater flexibility to render photo-realistic images for review or advertising.


Designers: Design apparel in true-to-life 3D, visualize every fabric, color & trim, even design in size sets on real human avatars

Pattern makers: Change patterns and instantly visualize in accurate 3D, including fit, colorways, trim, true-motion fitting and more

Showcase designs in true-to-life 3D on web and mobile, using our social-media platform for collaboration and merchandizing

What you see is what you get with true-to-life 3D, accuracy that ensures that the garment you design is the same as the one you produce

Real-time two-way sync with Adobe illustrator, photoshop, and of course Modo!

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Package contentModo LPK file

Experience levelAll Levels


Minimum Modo Version10.2 and later


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