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Developer Pixologic
Developer Pixologic

With GoZ™ for Modo, there is no need to invest time recreating shading networks for normal, displacement, and texture maps. With a single click of a button, GoZ will transfer your Zbrush scene to Modo, complete with all of the appropriate shading networks. Sending your mesh back to ZBrush is simple as well, GoZ will automatically remap the existing high-resolution details to the incoming mesh, even if you’ve significantly changed the topology in Modo.

GoZ will also manage correcting mesh errors such as correcting points and polygons order, as well as more advanced operations that require complete remapping. The updated mesh is immediately ready for further detailing, map creation and transfer to Modo.


GoZ™ for Modo allows a seamless bridge between Zbrush and Modo, automatically carrying over your sculpting details, topology edits, material maps and more, for a faster and more creative workflow

GoZ is based on core features of ZBrush. This means that you can even use the ZBrush portion of GoZ’s features in non-supported applications

GoZ also supports the transfer of multiple Tools and/or SubTools between ZBrush and its target applications. Rather than focusing on the import and export process, you are free to focus on your art!

Product information

Package contentModo LPK file

Experience levelAll Levels


Minimum Modo Version10.1 and later


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This product is supported by Foundry. For details on how to raise a support ticket please click here.