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The PACK kit accelerates the design and visualization of packages in Modo by helping package designers and CG artists avoid the technical stumbling blocks involved in modeling and scene construction. The Modo PACK kit is a collection of over 200 presets, images and assemblies–a large library of package presets and components that can be modified and assembled to visualize existing packaging or create entirely new designs.


Base shape presets

PACK’s 28 base shape presets provide an easy starting point for any package container. Use the embedded morphs in these base shapes to experiment with new designs or simply adjust parameters.

Container seal presets

Seals are often one of the most time consuming components of a package to create. With PACK library of 25 seal presets, you can quickly attach a seal to a container, or visualize a container with a number of different sealing methods.

Pre-built packaging models

PACK also includes 82 pre-built generic packaging models, including bags, wrappers, boxes, bottles, cans, cartons, tubes and tubs. These models are textured and UV’d so all you need to do is apply artwork and render.

Panel presets

Simplify the tricky process of modeling folded boxes, with PACK's 53 panel presets, which can be easily snapped together to create 2D box templates complete with tabs.

Texture maps

Not all aspects of a package need to be modeled with polygons so PACK also provides a range of 22 texture maps that can help in the visualization process, including crease maps, stencil maps and bump maps.

Scene assemblies

To help you to get a good quality image quickly, PACK features 11 scene assemblies that are rigged so you can easily change lighting and other display parameters.

PACK tools

PACK includes a collection of 18 focused tools, which can be accessed through a pop-over form, to enhance Modo's extensive functionality

Video tutorials

To get you up to speed as quickly as possible, PACK comes with nearly two hours of training videos, including three full project tutorials

Product information

Package content28 base shape presets, 25 seal presets, 82 pre-built models, 53 panel presets, 22 texture maps, 11 scene assemblies, 18 focused tools, 3 video tutorials

Experience levelAll levels


Minimum Modo versionModo 501 or later


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