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The Modo for SOLIDWORKS kit is for design and engineering visualization professionals wanting to import SOLIDWORKS parts, bodies and assemblies into Modo. In Modo, you can select import the data by appearance, part, body or face and create new layers in Modo to apply materials to specific parts of your design. The SOLIDWORKS kit also provides user interface and navigation controls similar to SOLIDWORKS and PhotoView 360.

Integration between SOLIDWORKS and Modo
Fast imports for SOLIDWORKS into Modo


Enhanced SOLIDWORKS Import

Read in material edits from your files saved in PhotoView 360 (2010); your model opens in Modo with the same appearance and decal information as shown in SOLIDWORKS.

Familiar SOLIDWORKS Navigation

With user interface and navigation similar to SOLIDWORKS and PhotoView 360, you can enjoy a comfortable and consistent set of controls to work with as you take advantage of the advanced capabilities of Modo.

Efficient Tools for Imported Models

Easily reorganize your model data to apply materials; you can select all polygons tagged with the same face, part, body or appearance and put them in a separate layer or make them into a new mesh.

Drag-and-drop Functionality

Choose from the included libraries of materials and studio lighting environment presets and apply them with a simple drag-and-drop action.

Easy Geometry Conversion

Convert bodies and part to meshes or static meshes for further editing, animation or even dynamic simulation within Modo.

Product Information

Package contentSOLIDWORKS plugin, Studio Environments Set 1 (included free), training videos.

Experience levelAll Levels



Developer's Website

This product is developed and supported by Foundry. For details on how to raise a support ticket please click here.


Modo 801 and above, Windows 32-bit and Windows 64-bit only.

Loads .sldprt and .sldasm files from SOLIDWORKS 2009 and above. The version of SOLIDWORKS supported depends on the version of Modo being used.

Modo 801 and later. You do not need to have SOLIDWORKS available on your system or network to use the Modo for SOLIDWORKS kit.

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