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Developer Allegorithmic
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Developer Allegorithmic
Substance Painting Native substances Textures

Substance for Modo natively integrates Substance textures into the Modo viewport for easy editing and look dev. Save time by not having to switch back and forth between Modo and Substance Designer. Most Substance materials are designed to work with physically-based shaders. The Substance Database contains classic materials for blinn/phong shaders, and you can create non-PBR Substances using Substance Designer


Real-time in-app Substance textures tweaking

Multi output - one single file for diffuse, normal, bump, height, specular, AO, etc.

You can import stock Substances from the Substance Database or use Substance Designer to author your own custom Substance materials.

Minimum Modo version

Modo 701 to Modo 14.2v2

Product information

Package contentsModo LPK file

Experience levelAll levels



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This product is developed and supported by Adobe. For details on how to contact them please click here.