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Alex Llewellyn
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After completing a BSc in Professional Broadcast Techniques at The University of Salford, Alex moved to London and focused on compositing for film projects. Based in Vancouver since 2009, he is now the lead compositor at Prime Focus. Alex has also worked with a number of studios, including Rushes, Cinesite, Double Negative and Image Engine.

Andres Kirejew
Contact Andres

Andres Kirejew is a Toronto-based VFX Supervisor who works primarily on TVC’s, as well as some series and feature films. He graduated from Media Arts at Sheridan College. His compositing career began in 1998 on a Henry, before moving to Flame in 2000. Around 2009 he saw the light and learned Nuke.

Chris Elson
Contact Chris

For the past eleven years, Chris has worked at some of the most prolific post-production facilities in London and Australia, including: MPC, Cinesite, Framestore, Double Negative, The Mill, Rushes and RSP as well as several boutique VFX studios. He has also taught compositing at Queensland College of Art.

Hugo Leveille

Coming from a Shake background, Hugo has now been using Nuke for several years on various feature films, TV shows and video clips. He works as a compositing technical director in Montreal, creating and integrating pipeline tools for Nuke.

Jamal Knight
Contact Jamal

Jamal has a masters in digital effects from Bournemouth University and has over fifteen years of compositing experience across three continents. He has taught visual effects and compositing at Capilano University, Arts Institute and Vancouver Film School as a senior instructor.

Joe Raasch
Contact Joe

Joe Raasch, senior digital compositor and coordinator of the VFX program at Seneca College (Toronto), is simultaneously engaged in studio work (11 years experience) and in student training (10 years experience). Joe's technical excellence, paired with his passion for teaching, make him a respected and valued instructor.

Magno Luiz Borgo
Contact Magno

With a decade-long career in post-production and six years of experience as a VFX trainer, Magno Borgo has many commercial and feature film credits to his name. He's a founding member of Boundary Visual Effects, a specialized rotoscope boutique that serves clients globally. He also teaches compositing at a local university and has several online training titles for CmiVFX.

Timothy Zhao
Contact Timothy

Using Nuke since 2009, Timothy has substantial experience doing high-end compositing on feature films, television and commercials, ranging from live action to full CG animation. He has a passion for teaching and loves to share new techniques. He currently crafts online tutorials in both English and Chinese, and is also working to build the Chinese VFX society.

United Kingdom

Alex Hulse
Contact Alex

Alex is a London based compositor with substantial experience working on high-end feature films and commercials at renowned studios such as ILM, Framestore, and MPC. He is happy to provide training in the UK and countries worldwide. Alex is a fully qualified teacher (PGCE, MA, PGcert) with an enthusiasm for developing courses, managing modules and delivering training in VFX.

Andrew Savinskiy
Contact Andrew

Andrew is a digital compositor from Dnipro, Ukraine. With the help of mathematical background and strong sense of composition, color and design he starts his rapid career in the world's famous VFX studios working on big projects. His desire to systematize and share the knowledge has pushed him to start teaching digital compositing.

Billie Vine

Having worked as a compositor since 2003, Billie has worked for a host of companies in London and overseas including The Mill, Glassworks, MPC, Framestore and many more. She is currently the Visual Effects Pathway Leader at the London College of Communication, where she has designed a Visual Effects course with an emphasis on creativity as part of the BA Hons Animation degree course.



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Csaba Novak
Contact Csaba

Csaba has been a London-based freelance Digital Compositor and VFX artist since 2009. With a wealth of experience in the core principles of digital compositing and integrating CG elements into live action plates, he has worked on a variety of visual effect projects and has been VFX supervisor for many short films and commercials.

Ergin Sanal
Contact Ergin

Ergin started working in the industry as a compositor in the year 2012. He worked as local Creative Specialist at Foundry Turkey for 2 years and has recently freelancing in London for TV/Film. Ergin is able to provide online Nuke classes from an intermediate to advance level. Including Compositing in Nuke and Stereoscopic VR production with Cara VR in English and Turkish languages.

Ezequiel Villanueva
Contact Ezequiel

Ezequiel got his start in VFX compositing in Argentina in 2008, working on post-production for several TV, commercial and feature film projects—including the Academy-awarded film "The Secret in Their Eyes" (2009). Coming from a boutique studio background, he has developed a wide arsenal of tools and techniques for tackling problems under tight time constraints without sacrificing quality.

Ian Murphy
Contact Ian

With more than 20 years as 2d production artist and training lead in VFX, Ian has trained hundreds of compositors in Nuke, to Hollywood feature film standard, for films such as Passengers, Skyscraper, Jumanji, Wonder Woman, Dumbo and the Lion King, in India, Canada, Europe and the UK.


Jin Zhi
Contact Jin

Dr. Zhi is a senior 3D CGI & compositing artist who gained solid knowledge of VFX production pipelines through years of intensive participation in high-end feature films and TV commercial projects. During his professional development, he also worked as a full-time Senior Lecturer in VFX at UK higher education institutions. Dr. Zhi is now a tenured Associate Professor working in New York, USA.

Matt Leonard
Contact Matt

Matt has developed and currently oversees the "Nuke Training Accreditation Program" at Foundry. A member of the Visual Effects Society, he has acted as CG Supervisor and Assistant VFX Supervisor on a number of projects. Matt is a long-time Nuke user and has taught artists from major companies, including Framestore, Dreamworks Animation, Double Negative, MPC, Digital Domain, Ghost VFX and Animal Logic.

Mauro Nodari

Mauro Nodari is a freelance compositor based in London. His work includes TV shows, music videos, and advertising, mainly completed at MPC London. He is comfortable with all tasks of the compositing process, including 2D tracking, matte extraction, digital matte painting, and colour grading.

Melania Fodritto
Contact Melania

Melania Fodritto is a compositing lecturer at the NCCA at Bournemouth University, where she has taught Nuke since 2008. Additionally, Melania has educated students on a variety of VFX compositing programs since 2004, including Shake, XSI and Houdini. Over the years, she has also collaborated with VFX production companies, like Double Negative, though her main passion is educating students at University.

Sarah Juniper
Contact Sarah

Edited Bio: Enthusiastic about all things film, Sarah has gained a wealth of experience working on film, television and commercial projects over the past 10 years. As a freelance compositor, she has contributed to several big name productions such as Harry Potter, James Bond, Snow White and the Huntsman, The Chronicles of Narnia, and Doctor Who.

Steve Abrahart
Contact Steve

Steve is a VFX, 3D and animation lecturer. He has 15 years experience lecturing undergraduate courses for 3D animation, modelling and visual effects at undergraduate level teaching Nuke, Maya, Mari, and Zbrush. He has developed courses in both VFX and 3D animation with successful students going on to work for ILM, Cinesite, Framestore, and others. 


Victor Perez
Contact Victor

Victor Perez has over 15 years of production experience in CG, cinematography and VFX. As a senior digital compositing artist and 2D technical director, Victor has credits on The Dark Knight Rises, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows, and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, among other films. He's a member of the Visual Effects Society and teaches VFX globally.

Yulien Tso
Contact Yulien

Janice Tso started as a graphic artist before transitioning over to compositing in the movie industry. After taking a break to earn a master's degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, she learned Nuke. She is now freelancing in London as a Nuke compositor and conducts Nuke training in Asia.

United States

Adriana Jaroszewicz
Contact Adriana

Adriana Jaroszewicz received her Nuke certification in August 2013. She teaches courses in CG and animation, including a Nuke Compositing class, at Loyola Marymount University. Adriana used Nuke heavily in creating her animated shor, El Botín (The Looting), a dark tragic comedy combining 3D computer animated characters and miniature environments.

Anthony D'Agostino
Contact Anthony

Tony D'Agostino is a senior compositor experienced in high-end film and television visual effects. This includes stereoscopic compositing, deep compositing, 3D tracking and on-set supervision. He has worked for Animal Logic, MPC and Zoic Studios, and his Nuke compositing from “The Great Gatsby” is featured on Foundry's 2014 showreel.

Christian Castaneda
Contact Christian

Christian has worked as a VFX Lead at WESTERNIZED Productions in San Francisco for many years, transforming the face of corporate videos with high caliber visual effects. He is currently a compositor at Industrial Light & Magic, and provides Nuke training through WESTERNIZED and Elastic Creative.

Dan Sturm
Contact Dan

For over 10 years, Dan has worked as a lead artist in a variety of post-production positions, including on-set VFX supervision. As a freelance director, he emphasizes seamless, photo-real compositing as a story-telling tool.

Daniel Smith
Contact Dan

Daniel Smith is an award-winning compositor and teacher with 25+ years of experience. His film credits include Zombieland 2, Mulan and Lovecraft Country, and he has designed stereoscopic workflows for many special venue films and installations. Using Nuke for over 16 years, Daniel has taught courses with FXphd, Pluralsight, and on ground 1000's of students. He has a Nuke training book "Nuke Codex: Nodes within Nodes" coming fall of 2020.

Dillon Bailey
Contact Dillon

Dillon has been working in CGI full time since 2007 and part-time since 2004. Compositing since 2008, he currently works at Shooterz CGI as a TD/Generalist and teaches part-time at a local community college on advanced rendering techniques.

Erin Onstine
Contact Erin

Erin (Lehmkühl) Onstine has worked as a compositor for DreamWorks and Pixar since 2008. She concurrently taught Nuke courses at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. The combination of both pursuits provides her with a wide breadth of Nuke knowledge from deep compositing to extracting green screens.

Greg Pilon
Contact Greg

Greg Pilon is a visual effects compositor based-in the Los Angeles area. His background started on set in film production and transitioned to post production in 2007. Greg started compositing with Shake and has been working with Nuke since 2010. His work has included feature films, several shorts, commercials and music videos.

Jeremy Fernsler
Contact Jeremy

After earning his BA in Film Production at Penn State University, where he focused on cinematography and animation, Jeremy has spent the last 14 years working professionally in broadcast television, commercials, and feature films. Since 2012 he's been a full time teaching professor in the Animation and VFX program at Drexel University.

Jose Marin
Contact Jose

Jose Marin has been involved with VFX since completing active duty service as a U.S. Marine in 2007. Starting with Shake, he transitioned to Nuke in 2010. Since then he has supervised on set and directed artists as team lead and compositing supervisor. He’s worked on commercial, film, and television projects including The Avengers, The Greatest Showman, and HBO’s The Deuce.

Justin Kirk

Justin did not start out his CG career as a compositor but was always drawn to solving problems and helping his fellow peers succeed. He currently works in the Detroit area, producing assets for major automotive companies. You can contact Justin by email at kirkjr2@gmail.com.

Michael Dolan
Contact Michael

Michael Dolan has worked in post-production and CG since 2006. He began his career as a compositor and 3D generalist in the television and automotive visualization industries, and is currently developing pipeline software at RTT. He has developed many tools and workflows in and around Nuke and loves finding ways to enhance the art of compositing with code.

Michael Frank
Contact Mike

Mike Frank is a talented VFX artist with a passion for training and assisting others. Since his first gig using Nuke in 2011, Mike has worked as a floor lead, compositing supervisor and TD. His current focus is on compositing workflows, user-friendly pipeline development and technical training.

Nick Jushchyshyn
Contact Nick

Nick Jushchyshyn’s professional production experience includes work on feature films, television and commercials. He holds an MFA in Animation & Visual Effects, has taught for the Academy of Art University, AI Philadelphia, and Drexel University, where he is the Program Director for Animation & Visual Effects.

Sean Falcon
Contact Sean

Sean Falcon was introduced to compositing 12 years ago through a Shake class at the AIFL, and he has worked for Digital Domain, Blue Sky Studios, Zoic and Sony Playstation, while running his own freelance visual effects company on the side. Sean teaches Shake, Nuke, and VFX workshops across a full gamut of production disciplines.

Shaun Sarcona
Contact Shaun

Shaun has a background in 3D, compositing, web, computer graphics, photography, programming and IT. He currently teaches at Macomb Community College in Warren, Michigan. He enjoys learning new tools and expanding his toolset and knowledge-base so he can share as much as possible to prepare his students for their future.

Steve Wright
Contact Steve

Steve Wright is a 20 year VFX compositing veteran with over 70 feature film credits. The author of two popular books on compositing, he is now a full-time Nuke compositing teacher. Training services include VFX staff training, on-line workshops, and video tutorials. His extensive client list includes Disney Feature Animation, Pixar Animation Studios, Foundry, Prime Focus, Reliance Media Works, and Lynda.com.

Thomas Tamura
Contact Thomas

Thomas is a compositor and 3D generalist based in Colorado. He holds a BFA in Cinematography and takes post­secondary classes at fxphd. His compositing work includes features & shorts for indies around the globe. He has been using Nuke since version 5.

Tingting Zhao
Contact Tingtin

Tingting Zhao is a Digital Compositor in Visual Effects.  Coming from Shake background and traditional fine art, with strong sense fo compositing, color and design. Tingting moved to NewYork and focused on compositing for film/TV projects. Based in NewYork since 2012, she has worked with number of studios, including Modus FX, Method, Mr.x, Hydraulx VFX and FuseFX. She has also taught compositing at college in China(5 years experience). https://www.tiffanyfx.com/nuke-training


Aurelio Pozas
Contact Aurelio

Aurelio has worked on television, advertising and film for more than 14 years. Simultaneously, he's also taught post-production teacher for almost 6. He has a versatile profile and strong knowledge of compositing and 3D.

Carol Novell
Contact Carol

Carol Novell is a digital artist with a history of working as a trainer in the higher education industry. She is based in Barcelona and has been a vfx trainer for 17 years and also has worked on numerous television, advertising and film projects. She loves to speak in public and make the concepts she teaches seem easy for users.

Email: carol@novellulloa.com
Website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/carol-novell-3697723/

Daniel Lopez
Contact Daniel

More than ten years of experience as a digital compositor in both commercials and cinema, I'm a flexible artist an great comunicator as a teacher. I've worked for international brands such as Lamborghini, Nissan, Lays and blockbusters such as Thor: Ragnarok or Spiderman:Homecoming. I'm based in Barcelona where I freelance as a compositor and as a nuke trainer as well. Please contact me at dlopezizquierdo@gmail.com

Joan Andreu Quiles
Contact Joan

Joan Andreu Quiles is a digital compositor based-in Spain, whose passion extends to training and assisting others. With a wealth of experience in the principles of 3D animation compositing and integrating CG elements, he has worked on a variety of visual effects projects and can teach Nuke in both English and Spanish.

Joaquin Garcia Mateos
Contact Joaquin

After working for several years in Television in Madrid, I began to tackle the challenges of the Film and TV series industry in 2011.I have contributed to numerous film productions, animated shorts, and feature films, including titles like ’Mr. Robot’, ‘The Boys,’ and ‘Godzilla: King of the Monsters.’ During this time, I honed my skills as a digital compositor and visual effects artist. Currently, teach nuke and work based in Barcelona, Spain.”

Miguel Carballal

Miguel Carballal is a visual effects compositor based-in London and Spain. With a strong background in 3D CG imagery, he started his career in 2001 as a 3D developer for real time applications, then moved on to be a 3D generalist at various post-production houses. More recently, he has specialized in VFX compositing, with credits on TV shows, commercials and films including Gravity & 47 Ronin. You can contact Miguel by email on migucarballal@gmail.com.

Miguel Macaya Ten
Contact Miguel

Miguel is a Digital Artist with a BA in Fine Arts and Design. He has worked for the last eight years as a freelance compositor in numerous films (recently World War Z and Guardians of the Galaxy), TV advertising, music videos and shorts globally. He has taught in the University of Arts of Luzern, Switzerland and can teach Nuke in both English and Spanish.


Fabio Carlini
Contact Fabio

Fabio Carlini has been working in the CG industry for over 10 years in the Italian market and abroad (CH). Founding AM Studios in 2003, he worked on a broad range of productions, including 3D, visual effects, film and TV. In 2006, after a period as freelancer, he was employed as TD to work on a short 3D animated feature film. Right now he's a freelancer at Semafor SA (CH) (TD and compositor).

Federico Mattioli

Working on VFX had always been Federico's childhood dream. He started using Maya back in 2000, working for many years as a motion graphic designer and 3D artist. Later on, he transitioned into a role as freelance compositor focused on 3D. In 2010 he fell in love with Nuke and hasn't looked back since.

Giuseppe Lombardi
Contact Giuseppe

Giuseppe Lombardi is a Senior VFX Compositor and Nuke Trainer. Over the past 10 years he has been working for companies like Double Negative, Framestore, Cinesite, Rise FX and Ghost VFX. He is currently conducting on-site and online master classes for Nuke and Visual Effects.

Luca Bellano
Contact Luca

Luca is a senior digital compositor and nuke trainer. In the last 11 years he has worked for various companies including Framestore, Mpc and Union. With experience both in the field of cinema and advertising he currently teaches nuke in a vfx school.

Hong Kong

Chianly Sze
Contact Chianly

Sze is 13 year veteran in the post production software industry. Starting as a 3D Animator, he later worked as a digital audio broadcasting and graphics specialist, using program ranging from Getris Images to Autodesk Discreet Inferno and Flame. One of the founder of Fatbars, he now brings his specialized production training for Foundry's Nuke, Apple Final Cut and Quantel Pablo.


Hussin Khan
Contact Hussin

Hussin Khan started his career as a computer programmer. After continuing his studies in the UK, he decided to move to Malaysia to join Rhythm & Hues Studios as an educator. Beyond international training, Hussin was involved in R&H outreach programs, teaching the Art and Science of Visual Effects using Nuke and Adobe After Effects. Hussin now provides training services online through his website.

TekLoong (Steve) Chong
Contact TekLoong (Steve)

Steve Chong is a UK graduate with a Honors Degree in Animation. Formerly a 2D lead and compositor in Rhythm and Hues Kuala Lumpur, some of his best work includes a composite for Snow White and the Huntsman, which was Oscar nominated for Best Visual Effects. In addition to production work, he plays an active role in training and evaluating 2D artists as their subject matter expert and production technical liaison.


Giacomo Dodich
Contact Giacomo

After pursuing architectural background studies, Giacomo Dodich moved to the CG Industry in 2008. Winner of the 1st edition of the Austrian Computer Graphics Award in the category “best commercial”, he is the co-founder of Telegram71, where he is currently working as 3d generalist and compositor.


Andrew Fedoroff
Contact Andrew

Being a Moscow-based Nuke trainer, Andrew has been offering courses and consultancy since 2007. As a compositor, he has integrated live-action plates for State Academic Institutions, such as Bolshoi Theatre, Kremlin Palace and more. Andrew has over 30 certificates on a variety of software products, including Shake and Maya. He is also a founder of Drop Frame School.

Andy Fedoroff

After working as a digital artist for 12 years in Shake, Nuke and Quartz Composer, in 2017 Andy changed his professional vector and became ARKit developer and trainer. A deep knowledge of compositing principles and camera tracking mechanics really helps him in creating of Augmented Reality apps.

Contacts: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andyfedoroff/


Luca Bellano
Contact Luca

After working as motion designer along 13 years, started professional life in VFX 4 years ago. Since then has been working on severals advertising films, and in short and long movies as digital compositor and vfx supervisor.

Luciano Cequinel
Contact Luciano

After working as motion designer along 13 years, started professional life in VFX 4 years ago. Since then has been working on severals advertising films, and in short and long movies as digital compositor and vfx supervisor.

Nelson Fernandes

Pursuing a long-time interest in VFX compositing, Nelson started learning the trade with After Effects by doing anims for a friend’s DVD menu. He then expand his skills to incorporate 3D MAX and eventually Nuke—which he says was very fun to learn and use. You can contact Nelson by email at nelpiper@hotmail.com.


Alexander Kucera
Contact Alexander

At BabylonDreams Alexander specializes in pipelines and approaches that enable visual effects to be integrated believably into live-action material. To this effect, he heavily employs Nuke in his production pipeline and is eager to pass on this accumulated knowledge in highly focused Nuke training sessions for his students.

Eberhard Hasche
Contact Eberhard

Eberhard is a Graduated Engineer of Technology and a senior professor at the Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences, where he is teaching audio, video and VFX. He is a graduated musician with a rich experience in audiovisual, music and theatre production, and he has worked for German music acts like Rio Reiser and Ton, Steine, Scherben. You can contact Eberhard by email on hasche@fh-brandenburg.de.

Peter Ruhrmann

Peter is an Engineer for Audiovisual Media and has been teaching Compositing at the Stuttgart Media University (Hochschule der Medien) since 2008. He works with students on practical VFX media production projects and develops and maintains the technical infrastructure of the VFX department. You can contact Peter by email at ruhrmann@hdm-stuttgart.de.


Jonas Jørgensen

Jonas Jørgensen is a Danish VFX artist whose love of Nuke began the first time he used it. He began the 'Nuke for Trainers' course four months after taking his first Nuke master classes. He is now the first Danish certified Nuke trainer. You can contact Jonas by email at judnas@gmail.com.


Caroline Journo
Contact Caroline

I'm a French compositor currently based in Paris. I have more than 10 years of experience in the VFX industry. I've spent a couple of years working in London and Vancouver for high end studios like Dneg, MPC and Digital Domain. I really enjoy teaching and sharing my experience.

Erwan Leroy
Contact Erwan

After a few years trying to do some generalist VFX work for fun after school, Erwan started working professionally as a compositor in 2008. He has worked on all kinds of projects, including commercials, feature films, web series, TV, and music videos.

Gaston Marcotti
Contact Gaston

Gaston Marcotti is an independent visual effects artist with over 17 years experience in feature films and commercials across different countries. As VFX supervisor and Nuke senior compositor, he combines both an artistic approach and technical skills in his work.


Bin Li
Contact Bin Li

Bin Li loves film, especially Transformers, and finds working as a VFX artist fulfilling and engaging. As a Chinese artist, his dream is to participate in helping to build and expand China's VFX industry.


Mina Maxwell
Contact Mina

After graduating as an Electronics & Telecoms engineer in Egypt, Mina decided to pursue a career in CG production. He worked for two years as a CG generalist and a motion graphics designer, and then went on to spend five years doing CG compositing for architecture visualization. He has taught formal courses in colleges and training centers in addition to pipeline consulting and training for animation studios.

Reza Sarkamari
Contact Reza

Reza has worked more than 15 years career as a VFX artist and an animator. From 2008, he started teaching animation to hundreds of students around the world. Currently he resides in Australia and works as a senior animation lecturer. You can also contact Reza by email at r.sarkamari@gmail.com.

Tom Magill
Contact Tom

After worked on TV ads and educational animations for Australia National University, 2012 saw the opportunity for Tom to work as lead compositor on two local feature film productions: Theatre of the Dead and Tumblegum. Currently, he is a lecturer for Screen & Media at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment, Canberra.


Nick Pittas
Contact Nick

A senior Flame artist and senior Nuke compositor with 20 years of experience in post-production, Nick started out as a 3D artist back in 1992 and climbed his way up to compositing and VFX. Currently, he works as a freelance VFX supervisor and flame operator in one of Greece's larger post-production facilities, working mainly with TVC and episodic TV.

Pan Vafeiadis
Contact Pan

Pan is a senior stereoscopic compositor and VFX trainer. He has worked as a photographer, editor, 3D generalist and compositor for broadcast/TVC since 1995. In 2006, he was introduced to node compositing using Shake, Fusion and Nuke, and has worked on feature films since 2010.

New Zealand

Frank Rueter
Contact Frank

Frank's VFX career spans 14 years. He first dove into Nuke compositing on King Kong at Weta Digital in 2004. His focus is on workflow enhancements and custom tailored production training on site to help artists stay on top of their shot assignments during the training.


Fadi Alsharif
Contact Fadi

Fadi Alsharif is a creative 3D generalist and compositor based in Turkey with a passion of VFX for feature films. To take advantage of this passion and push things further he decided to become a Nuke certified trainer.

In addition to Nuke he is a V-Ray certified professional, Autodesk® certified professional and Adobe® certified expert. Currently, he is available as a freelance trainer and compositor and can be contacted on his email at fadi_alsharif@hotmail.com.

Website: www.fadisharif.com

Czech Republic

Vit Sedlacek
Contact Vit

Vit has experience working on more than 20 feature films and a number of episodic and television commercial projects. Work experience includes compositing, lighting & rendering, color grading and workflow design for complete post-production pipelines. Vit offers consultancy and training tailored to the specific needs of any project. You can contact Vit by email on vitek@vitsedlacek.com.


Bishoy Usama
Contact Bishoy

Bishoy is a visual effects compositor who started his professional career in 2016 at one of the top post houses in Egypt and the middle east. In addition to compositing he also has multiple skills like matchmoving, photogrammetry and rendering.


Karim Moftah
Contact Karim

Karim has over 13 years of experience delivering high-quality VFX for feature films, I'm passionate about compositing and enjoy my work Through teaching and mentoring up and coming visual effects artists and working on complex and demanding shots, he is able to share his passion, knowledge, and experience.


Khaled El Masry
Contact Khaled

Khaled is a lead compositor experienced in high-end film and television visual effects. A computer systems engineer, he graduated 2012 from the faculty of electrical and electric engineering in Egypt. His passion is to use artificial intelligence algorithms and computer vision principles to solve visual effects problems and challenges.



Mohamed Selim
Contact Mohamed

Mohamed Selim has been working in post-production for six years. He has worked on numerous high-end commercials, music videos and short films.


Carlos Puccio
Contact Carlos

Carlos Puccio is a 3D generalist and digital compositor from Santiago, Chile. He began his career in 2001 as a 3D and multimedia content developer in the local industry. Over the last nine years he has developed a passion for training and specialized in teaching digital tools and VFX workflows at different universities in Chile. Currently, he is creating a online media training for 3D and digital compositing artists in Latin America.

Juan Olivares
Contact Juan

Juan is a senior compositor with over 15 years of production experience. He has credits on Deadpool, Guardians of the Galaxy vol1, Fast and the furious 7, Arrow, among other films and tv shows. Currently, he is doing freelance work from Santiago de Chile and also starting his career as a Nuke and compositing trainer.


Alexey Dubko
Contact Alexey

Alexey has more than 10 years of experience in the film industry and television as a VFX producer and VFX supervisor. With more than a dozen successful projects, he now conducts master classes for visual effects in the film industry.


Dmytro Korolov
Contact Dmytro

Dmytro Korolov has been working in TV, post-production and the film industry since 1996. He began his career as 3D generalist and motion designer, and then found his passion in compositing. Now he is a successful VFX compositor, international freelancer, VFX consultant and supervisor. As a trainer, Dmytro has worked with English-speaking and Russian-speaking audiences.


Abdullah Mugisha

With an inspired passion for VFX, Abdullah Mugisha has taught on the subject in Kampala, Dubai and Abu Dhabi through a range of courses, private mentorship and advanced courses at an institute using Nuke, Mari, Houdini, Arnold, or Blender. You can contact him by email on mamugisha@gmail.com.


Muhammad Salman Khan Ghauri
Contact Muhammad

Muhammad Salman Khan Ghauri is a Creative Multimedia (Hons) graduate, majored in Visual Effects. Salman has been working as an independent Creative Director and VFX/Motion Design artist. As an Adobe® Certified Expert/Trainer, he has also been providing training services for the Adobe® Creative Cloud in the form of on-site staff training, classroom based training and public speaking seminars. His clientele includes Nikon, Astro, TV3 Malaysia, MDeC Malaysia, Golden Screen Cinemas, Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, and University of Kuala Lumpur.


Slim Larnaout
Contact Slim

Slim Larnaout is a 3D generalist and VFX Supervisor with over 22 years of experience in Post production. He has worked on numerous commercials, music videos and short films and can teach Nuke in French, English and Arabic.


Rohan Alfred Tirkey
Contact Rohan

Rohan is currently working as a Stereoscopic Supervisor for Double Negative, where he has supervised Stereo Conversion work on over 40 feature films over the past 8 years, such as Avengers: Infinity War, Wonder Woman, Captain America: Civil War and The Martian. He has a profound love for Nuke and is proficient in both English and Hindi.

Dominican Republic

Guillermo Molina
Contact Guillermo

Starting as a 3D character animation and alumni from Gobelins and Animation Mentor, Guillermo has worked on the Latin American independent film circuit for over 10 years as an animation director, and vfx supervisor for feature films. Has a strong scripting and 3D experience in Houdini, Maya and Blender as a generalist and animator. Currently works as VFX Supervisor for Lone Coconut Studios Dominican Republic.





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