Animal logic for The Lego Movie from Warner Bros.


Ocula® is a unique and powerful collection of 16 workflow plug-in tools for Nuke that solve common problems with stereoscopic imagery and help take the headache out of stereo post-production. A reliable go-to for boosting productivity, Ocula delivers a more rewarding 3D viewing experience and offers enhanced functionality for stereoscopic projects.

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Cara VR in use on VISUALISE's Kyla video for VR production

Cara VR

With a specialized toolset for creating incredible live-action virtual reality content, Cara VR™ for Nuke® dramatically speeds up the challenging and often tedious process of stitching and compositing 360° video footage, so you have more time to focus on creating high-quality immersive experiences.

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Camera Tracker - 3D motion tracking software for After Effects

Camera Tracker

Camera Tracker for After Effects© allows you to pull 3D motion tracks and matchmoves without having to leave AE. It analyzes the source sequence and extracts the original camera's lens and motion parameters, allowing you to composite 2D or 3D elements correctly with reference to the camera used to film the shot.

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Furnace brings King Kong from 2d to 3d


Furnace is a sophisticated suite of 2D image processing plug-ins for Nuke designed to enhance workflow and boost productivity for digital artists. Furnace offers digital visual effects artists a wealth of tools to quickly and effectively tackle a diverse range of everyday compositing tasks.

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Third party plug-ins

Wingware Python IDE by Wingware

Wing IDE is an integrated Python development environment for writing, testing and debugging code in Nuke.

Cost: £188 and up
Category: Python

Maxwell Render by Next Limit Technologies

A complete and progressive rendering solution for delivering high-end results on a tight deadline.

V-Ray for Nuke by Chaos Group

V-Ray for Nuke brings powerful adaptive ray traced rendering to any compositing pipeline. It’s the most full-featured rendering solution for Nuke, NukeX and Nuke Studio. 

smartRender by cragl

Cut down on rendering times with this multi-threaded rendering VFX plug-in for Nuke.

Neat Video Pro by ABSoft

Efficiently and accurately removing visual noise and grain from video footage in Nuke.

Resonance by Artixels

Resonance for Nuke is a high performance image generator designed for look dev and abstract effects purposes.

Flair by Frischluft

Flair for OFX is a suite of VFX plug-ins for designing speedy effects like shine, glow, blur, mosaics and more.

RE:Map by RE:Vision Effects

RE:Map is provide professional quality mapping and distortion functionality across five complementary Nuke plug-ins.

Price: £218
Category: 2D

Boris FX Sapphire

Sapphire is the essential visual effects suite for high-end broadcasting, film, and advertising featuring 250+ photorealistic and eye-popping effects.

Boris FX Mocha Pro

Mocha Pro is the Academy Award-winning planar motion tracking and masking toolset that makes quick work out of advanced VFX tasks.

Escher by Artixels

Explore the wondrous creative possibilities that lie between 2D and 3D with this suit of 2.5D image generators.

nuBridge an original Nukepedia app by OHUfx

nuBridge is a Nuke native UI to browse Nukepedia's database of over 1,000 free tools without the need for a web browser.

FaceBuilder by KeenTools

FaceBuilder allows building 3D models of human’s face or head based on just a few photos.

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ftrack is a cloud based platform for production tracking, asset management, reviews and team collaboration.


ZYNC is a cloud based rendering and storage platform designed to fully integrated into your Nuke pipeline.


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