From short films to blockbusters

Create the impossible with a suite of industry-standard tools tailor-made for film-grade visual effects. From small productions to award-winning blockbusters, Foundry software was integral in every VFX Oscar-winning film since 2009, and every nominee since 2013. Whether it be storyboarding and digital compositing or lighting and look development, Foundry tools power up every part of your visual effects pipeline.

With Katana [...] we were able to go back on individual shots and refine the lighting and the shading in a non-destructive way […] The constant refining of the lighting and shading, via the exposed palette control, gave us the possibility to refine the entire sequence in the most minute details, producing an excellent result.

Alessandro Saponi, CG Supervisor, Weta Digital

Reduce pipeline friction

Having projects run smoothly is essential to working on movie effects at scale. That’s why Foundry’s software for VFX plugs in seamlessly to any pipeline, reducing technical friction whilst preserving creative intent across teams. Expect near-limitless creativity underpinned by easy collaboration, reduced feedback loops and iterations, and a holistic approach to achieving that perfect final render.

  • Experience a suite of tools supported by the latest USD technology to fuel customization, flexibility and modularity across the post-production process
  • Foundry tools absorb open source technology to enhance leading integrations with as little impact on the creative process as possible, leaving artists free to focus on their work
  • Enjoy flexible connections with asset managers through APIs like Python, ensuring smoother collaboration and organization between artists in teams

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Scale seamlessly

As final deadlines in film production draw near, resources may need to be reassessed and ramped up on projects in order to get the work done in time. Foundry’s film editing software gives teams the ability to scale seamlessly to meet important milestones with confidence and unmatched quality.

  • Set custom rules in Foundry tools and standardize these across workstations so every team member has instant access to the correct resolutions, frame rate and color spaces
  • Foundry tools grow with your business, allowing you to handle the high level of complexity and quality expected of feature films, and tackle tomorrow’s most challenging tasks today
  • Take on a greater volume of work you previously thought impossible and stay competitive with industry-leading software

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It was quite a challenge as all departments had to deal with huge amounts of data […] and Mari, Katana and Nuke helped us push through that in a short amount of time. The main benefits were how well everything scaled as things got increasingly complex, as well as the deferred loading of data only when it's needed.

Angel Ivanov, CG Supervisor, Worldwide FX

Tackle industry challenges

  • Keep your pipeline connected

    Keep your pipeline connected

    With cutting-edge USD technology, essential plug-ins and fundamental APIs, Foundry tools connect to every part of your pipeline to keep teams organized, consistent, and all working towards the same vision.

  • Cutting-edge compositing, incredible results

    Cutting-edge compositing, incredible results

    Nuke X and Nuke Studio take your compositing to the next level with a suite of GPU-accelerated tools, including a Smart Vector toolset, Planar Tracker, Furnace plug-ins, and advanced retiming and warping, allowing artists deftly tackle complex compositing tasks with ease, speed and efficiency.

  • Keep projects running smoothly

    Keep projects running smoothly

    Used by artists worldwide, Foundry tools are so ubiquitous that studios can scale a project up or down at a moment’s notice depending on budget, client demands and deadlines, without having to retrain.

  • Reduce manual tasks

    Reduce manual tasks

    Automate the more mundane tasks and save huge amounts of time, especially when facing tight deadlines. With this extra time, you can spend more time focusing on the creative side of things rather than boring manual tasks.


Netflix Post Technology Alliance

To become a member of the Netflix Post Technology Alliance, Foundry’s compositing tool Nuke underwent rigorous evaluation to make sure it met the Netflix technical and workflow requirements needed in the post production and delivery of Netflix Originals. It’s official: from feature films to episodic shows, Nuke’s your go-to tool.

VFX solutions

  • CG Compositing & Review

    The Nuke family is the industry-standard toolset for image compositing and reviews. Nuke X’s cutting-edge compositing workflows add advanced tools for tracking, clean up, and refining, injecting more power, control and speed in your creative process. Meanwhile, Nuke Studio, Hiero and HieroPlayer give you unprecedented precision over your review workflows, so you have control over every aspect of your image.
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  • Lighting

    Katana is the ultimate look development and lighting tool. Its look development workflows allow artists to work on multiple assets at once, making lighting VFX shots and sequences easy. Meanwhile, its sequenced-based lighting reduces the back-and-forthing and empowers artists to seamlessly light whole sequences. Load files quickly, battle complexity and experience powerful look development and lighting.
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  • Look Development

    From procedural to hand-painted textures and everything in between, Mari is 3D painting without limits. This essential look development tool combines formidable power and performance to handle even the most complex assets with artist-friendly 3D paint tools, that make the most of your creativity.
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  • Story Development

    Flix is Foundry’s story development hub and brings order to the chaos of pre-production. Designed to create fast-paced creative collaboration, everyone has access to the latest versions of every section of your projects, ensuring seamless communication across departments. Flix supports Photoshop, Storyboard Pro Avid and Premiere, so you can work in the way that’s best for you, and efficiently organize your pre-production.
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Our products in action

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    How Framestore used Mari to create the visually-arresting aesthetic of this neo-noir sci-fi thriller

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    Making Art with Soul: The Latest from Pixar’s RenderMan | Foundry Webinar

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  • Digital Cinematography Workflow | Foundry Course

    Digital Cinematography Workflow | Foundry Course

    Inspired by the thought processes of live action cinematographers and lighting artists, Katana’s Lighting Tools allow you to work quickly and smoothly with more creative freedom. Discover how they can used to place and edit lights in your scene.

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  • The People who use Flix | Foundry Article

    The People who use Flix | Foundry Article

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