Foundry Education COlLECTIVE

Foundry の Education Collectiveは、Production CollectiveとKatana 、Cara VRを一つのパッケージにまとめたバンドル製品で、プロダクションワークフローに必要とされるすべての機能を単一環境で提供します。教育機関用ライセンスは、初等/中等教育機関、学位もしくは修了証を付与する学習、指導、訓練施設を対象としたライセンスです。


$262 / £158 / €188

$323 / £195 / €232

Classroom Licenses

  • Discounted packages for production, VFX and 3D design
  • No product limitations
  • The Education Collective - our production workflow package
  • Get in touch with our Education team below

Faculty Licenses

  • For teachers and educators
  • Get the Education Collective for the same price as students
  • Includes full product versions of Nuke, Cara VR, Mari, Katana and Modo
  • Education licenses may not be used on commercial projects

Online Programs

  • For teachers and educators who do not qualify for our traditional Education program
  • Instructors for courses on Nuke, Mari, Katana and Modo
  • Apply to see if you're eligible for discounts



非商用ライセンスの使用においては制限および制約があります。非商用ライセンスは、非商用目的の自宅利用についてのみ使用が許可され、教育施設を含む商用環境での使用はできません。教育ライセンスは商用ライセンスの全ての機能を無制限に利用することができます。学生は学校で作成したデータファイルを自宅に持ち帰って作業したり、完成した作品を就職後に活用したりするなど、様々な活用が可能です。非商用ライセンスを使用したプロジェクトはファイルが暗号化され、教育/商用版に転送することはできないので注意が必要です。また Foundry の学生・卒業生ライセンスは、商用版永久ライセンスへのアップグレードが70%割引価格で行えます。

Production Collective のライセンスを所有している教育機関が、新たに無償同梱されるようになった Katana を入手するにはどのようにすればよいですか? にご連絡いただくか、Foundry の営業担当者までお問い合わせください。Katana のライセンス発行には数日かかる場合がありますので、ご了承ください。

What are the home-use keys I have been issued for my students?

As the name suggests, this is a unique key that is created to allow your students to use their license at home. This key will be valid for the same duration as your school's institutional license keys, to support your students throughout their course. New annual home-use keys will be issued with your institutional license renewal each year. The home-use keys are node-locked and offer an alternative to the paid student license and first year free license. They are not a replacement to your classroom licenses and can not be installed on a classroom or lab computer.

My students applied for free licenses and were told our school has licenses to issue to them. What is this referring to?

This refers to home-use licenses which we recently introduced. We know that due to the current circumstances, many students are spending less time at school and more time working from home. We therefore wanted to make student keys more accessible to them. Students will no longer need to apply for a license individually on our website as they will now have access from you, their school. You will be issued one master key which can be distributed to your students. Please email us at to request the home-use keys for your students.

How do I obtain the home-use keys for my students?

Please email us at to request the home-use keys for your students. 

My school doesn't have Foundry licenses and in the past, our students have used the "first-year free" student license. How do we get access to this?

Please email us at and we'll be happy to discuss options with you.