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Modo 17.0 overview of latest features


Modo’s powerful and flexible 3D modeling, animation, texturing and rendering toolset empowers artists to explore and develop ideas without jumping through technical hoops. Modo® is your starting point for creative exploration.



With powerful updates to Primitive Slice, enhanced selection capabilities with Conditional Loops, and the exciting addition of the Bridge MeshOp, Modo’s modeling prowess continues to grow with every release.

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Rendering & Shading

Rendering and shading in Modo has never been smarter. Intelligently cache textures for display in the viewport. Rapidly build and edit materials with the new Shader Tree enhancements. Spend less time rendering thanks to the detail-enhanced Intel Denoiser.

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Customization, simplification and I/O are central workflow concerns. Streamline tool usage with Conditional Commands, get quick measurements through the Ruler/Grid MeshOp and reliably exchange assets with Rhino 7 native 3DM support.

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Animation and Rigging

The new Wrap Effector offers a single, flexible entry point for both Wrap and Lattice-style deformations. The action exporter makes exporting multiple animation clips for use in game engines a breeze.

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Customize your experience
  • • Create custom tools and gestures for tool control
  • • Organize your UI to show only the tools you need
  • • Concept and test scripts directly with instant feedback
Love modeling again
  • • Rapidly iterate and concept, so you can model at the speed of thought
  • • Intelligently construct procedural modeling systems
  • • Easily create complex, precise, and detailed assets
So much more to love
  • • Take a 3D project from concept to realization all in one application
  • • Leverage quick render previews without the waiting
  • • Make rigs that anyone can edit, just by clicking and dragging on a mesh
Future Ready
  • • Ongoing support for OCIO, USD, and FBX
  • • Hybrid renderer built to accommodate new technology
  • • Support for Python 3 and QT5


Octane render in Modo - Race Car

Experience new levels of performance and unlock your creative potential with the new Modo 17.0. With an overhauled architecture and powerful tool performance enhancements, Modo just got even better. Modo 17.0 sets the stage to address the needs of artists today while enabling future innovations. The new release brings deep architectural changes that deliver performance increases across direct modeling tools, MeshOps, animation playback, and rig interaction.

Not only that, even rendering is now faster in Modo 17.0 thanks to a single-node version of Octane Render from OTOY. Now you can have the fastest modeler and the fastest renderer all in one package.

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Customize Modo to suit your needs. Explore a range of plug-ins and partner products for 3D content creation that extend your creative possibilities.

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Students and Educational users are strictly prohibited from using the software for any commercial, professional or for-profit purposes.

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How long does it take the average user to be productive in Modo?

Most users with existing 3D knowledge can be comfortable and productive within a couple of days. The UI is easy to navigate and has been organized to aid in discoverability. Modo also has viewport navigation presets allowing users from other packages to instantly feel at home with the essential basics.

Where can I find Modo tutorials?

For tips, tricks and tutorials to help you get up to speed with Modo, please visit the Modo Foundry Learn page.

As a user of other 3D software packages are there any tutorials tailored for users like me to transition to Modo?

Yes! We have a series of tutorials covering transition from many of the other prominent 3D applications to streamline becoming confident in Modo. These can be found on the Modo Foundry Learn page in the “Modo and Other Products” section. A great follow-up to these tutorials can be found in the Modo Essentials training.

What training resources and opportunities are there for studios and artists getting set up with Modo?

Foundry has an ever-growing set of learning resources. Independent artists and some studios have published comprehensive resources. We also have a classroom-in-a-box series of tutorials to help bring artists up to speed quickly. Modo licenses are available to individuals automatically for 30 days.

What are my options for buying Modo?

There are two options for purchasing Modo.

  • Individual subscription
  • Maintenance upgrade

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