Upgrade to a commercial license

Students and graduates can get big savings on all our products

Upgrade to a commercial license

Students and graduates who are enrolled in Foundry’s education program are eligible to upgrade to a discounted commercial license at up to 70% off the first year of subscription. The educational upgrade prices are listed below.

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Commercial Product Student Price*
Production Collective $1,​986 / £1,​656 / €1,​806
katanaKatana $1,​323 / £1,​107 / €1,​209
nuke-studioNuke Studio $1,​7​​34/ £1,​449 / €1,​575
nuke-xNuke X $1,​419 / £1,​167 / €1,2​93
nukeNuke $​1,041 / £​789 / €8​52
mariMari $35​1 / £2​52 / €​276
modoModo $​216 / £180 / €198


This offer is available to students and graduates who have the Education Collective license as part of Foundry’s Education program. To move forward with your upgrade, apply here.

*Prices listed are for subscription licences. Discounted rates are for the first year of a new commercial subscription licence.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the commercial upgrade work? Is the upgrade for a permanent license?

The commercial upgrade is for a subscription license. You will be able to purchase the first year of a commercial subscription at 70% off our normal list price.. After the first year, you will have the option to renew your subscription license for continued access to the software, at the normal commercial subscription price

I’m still a student. Is the upgrade to commercial the only option for me when my student license expires?

No, you have a few options. While you are still a student, you will continue to have access to the student license either via our discounted student license or with a home-use license from your school. Once you graduate, you can purchase an extension of the student license, known as our Graduate license. The Graduate license gives you the opportunity to keep access to the Education Collective for one additional year after completing your studies. The commercial upgrade option is available at any time while you have a student or graduate license and up to 6-months after your educational license has expired. You can go from a student license to a graduate license then to a commercial upgrade or skip straight from a student license to a commercial license if you prefer.

*Please note, our graduate license is a one-year, node-locked license for the full Education Collective (Nuke Studio, Modo, Mari, and Katana). At this time, it is not available as log-in-based or floating and can not be renewed.

I don’t have a student or Graduate license. Can I purchase a discounted commercial upgrade?

No, we do require you to have a Student or Graduate license that was active within the last 6 months to qualify for the discounted upgrade.

I graduated more than 6 months ago, Can I purchase a discounted commercial upgrade?

Please email us at education@foundry.com and we can discuss options with you.

I’m a faculty member. Can I purchase a discounted commercial upgrade?

Faculty members do not qualify for the commercial upgrade. Instead, you can apply for a Faculty license here

I have a node-locked license. Is it possible to install and uninstall the license on different computers?

If you have a node-locked license and need to transfer it to a new computer, please complete the license transfer form and email it to licenses@foundry.com.

Can I opt for a login license with my commercial upgrade? What product versions are available with login-based licensing?

Yes, if you are upgrading to one of the products below then login licensing is available. Please note, if upgrading to the full Production Collective, log-in-based licensing is not an option yet. It will only be possible to use login-based licensing for collectives after all the constituent products in that collection have been made available for login-based licensing. Please look out for future announcements about our licensing for our collectives. Login-based licensing can currently be used with:

  • Nuke / NukeX / Nuke Studio and Nuke Render from 14.0v1
  • Hiero from 14.0v1
  • Hiero Player from 14.0v1
  • Modo from 15.0

If I buy a node-locked license or already have a node-locked license, can I change it to login-based?

Yes, you can. If you are ready to make the switch and move to login-based licenses, you can get started by using the Migration Request Form.

What is the difference between node-locked, floating, and login-based licenses? Can I opt for any of these options?

Node-locked licenses are tied to a single workstation system ID, so you can only use the license on that machine. The educational student and graduate licenses are node-locked so this license model would match what you had with your educational license. Floating licenses are installed on a license server, so any workstation networked to that server can use the license, but only one workstation can use the license at any time. Individual login-based licenses are tied to your Foundry website account, rather than to a specific machine. These licenses allow you to easily activate or deactivate the program on different machines, provided you have an active internet Connection. More details on the licensing options can be found here.

I did a permanent license upgrade in the past. Will I be able to keep my permanent license? Can I move to a subscription if I wanted?

Yes, customers who have purchased perpetual licenses can continue to use and maintain those licenses, while customers on active maintenance will continue to receive product updates and technical support. If you own a perpetual license and would like to change to a subscription license, please email us at sales@foundry.com to discuss your options