Upgrade to a commercial license

Students and graduates who are enrolled in Foundry’s education program are eligible to upgrade to a commercial license and only pay for the annual maintenance (70% off the regular commercial price).

Foundry’s commercial licenses come in two parts: the license itself and the maintenance (all the jazzy product updates). For students and graduates transitioning to the commercial world, the license is free when you pay for the first year of maintenance! For example, a permanent Production Collective license for those upgrading is only $2,389.

The educational upgrade prices below are equivalent to the annual commercial maintenance prices.

Which product are you interested in?

Now is your time to go even deeper into your chosen product and take your skills into the industry. 

Commercial Product Student Price
production-collectiveProduction Collective $2,389 / £1,679 / € 1,779
katanaKatana $1,849 / £1,219 / € 1,269
nuke-studioNuke Studio $2,199 / £1,539 / €1,609
nuke-xNuke X $1,949 / £1,269 / € 1,319
nukeNuke $1,529 / £989 / € 1,099
mariMari $439 / £309 / €319
modoModo $419 / £359 / €379
cara-vrCaraVR $1,179 / £939 / €1,049


This offer is available to students and graduates who have the Education Collective license as part of Foundry’s Education program. To move forward with your upgrade, contact us at education@foundry.com, providing the product you wish to upgrade to. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is the upgrade a permanent license?

Yes, you are purchasing a permanent license. We waive the license fee and you only pay the annual maintenance.

2) How much will I have to pay for maintenance next year?

The prices above are our current rates. We will update next year with any price changes.

3) I graduated more than 6 months ago. Do I have any options?

Please email us at education@foundry.com and we can discuss options with you.

4) I don't have an education license. Can I get a discounted commercial upgrade?

No, we do require you to have a student or graduate license that was active within the last 6 months to qualify for the discounted upgrade.

5) I'm a faculty member - can I purchase a commercial upgrade?

No, faculty members do not qualify for the commercial upgrade.

6) Can I upgrade from a first-year free license?

Yes, holders of student first-year-free licenses are eligible for commercial upgrades.

7) How do I apply for the commercial upgrade?

Please email us at education@foundry.com and we will assist you with the purchase.

8) Is it possible to install and uninstall the license on different computers?

With a node-locked license, you can only switch to another computer once a year for free if your license is on maintenance.

9) How should I return the signed quote? Digitally or via Post?

Please return the signed quote by email.

10) Can I pay with Paypal?

We do not accept Paypal payment. We offer two payment options: bank transfer or card payment through a link that we send you upon request.