Tackle rising animation demands with a suite of industry-standard tools, designed to give you everything you need to perfect your next animated production. From storyboards and compositing to lighting and look development, artists and studios use Foundry tools to expand their creativity and smash deadlines.

Seamlessly create animation content 

The quality of animation is at an all-time high and with it comes increased complexity of the shots needed. Foundry’s suite of tools gives you complete control over your shots so you can easily tackle complicated 2D and 3D animation sequences, break down creative barriers, reduce technical friction and create the highest-quality content each time. 

  • Experience finite control and a more modular workflow with our node graph, so you can bring your creative vision to life
  • Automate your more manual tasks with our robust APIs and efficient toolsets, so you can smash looming deadlines and focus on your artistry
  • With Foundry tools, animation is easy. Artist can tackle any complex scene, texture or image resolution

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I think Katana is a good fit for studios of all sizes because of its adaptability to any pipeline. Katana is incredibly flexible and can be implemented to be as simple or complex as you need it to be.

Eric Wachtman, CG Supervisor, LAIKA

Stay ahead of the industry curve

With the increasing demand for quality, it’s important you have the right tools to create film-grade animation every time. Our tools keep up with the industry-standard for image processing and color and allow you to experiment with the latest trends, so you always have the tech you need to achieve your creative vision.

  • Work with the industry-standard color workflows including OCIO and ACES 
  • Get access to USD-optimised tech, machine learning tools, Python and C++ APIs, support for popular commercial renderers and more
  • Easily collaborate with the rest of your team and stay competitive knowing you’re working on industry-standard software

Discover the animation tool for you

In the CGI and VFX industries, the flexibility and integrability of Nuke is essential. The short production time of the projects can be achieved with a modern workflow and pipeline in terms of composition, for which we think Nuke is the most suitable software at the moment.

Péter Hostyánszki, Lighting and Compositing Supervisor, DIGIC

Work smarter, not harder

Productivity is key to any animated productions, especially in the face of tight deadlines. Foundry’s tools alleviate the laborious processes often faced on projects and give artists complete flexibility of their workflows so they can efficiently create animation with ease. 

  • Reduce the chaotic nature of editorial round-tripping and experience new levels of efficiency
  • Work on a shot collaboratively and share settings across teams and sequences with Live Groups to a multiuser review 
  • Create and personalize any tools you need to produce amazing animated shots with heightened customization

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Tackle industry challenges

  • Standardize your pipeline

    Standardize your pipeline

    Standardize your pipeline with tools that can be rolled out at a studio level, so you can keep your team organized and consistent, while you can be safe in the knowledge that everyone is working towards the same vision.

  • Create custom tools

    Create custom tools

    Experience high-level customization that can meld your workflows to meet your needs with Foundry tools. With open APIs, you have the freedom to create whatever custom tools you need to meet your deadlines and create the perfect shot.

  • Collaborate efficiently

    Collaborate efficiently

    Work simultaneously on a shot with other artists, share work with your team and collaborate more effectively than ever, whether you’re working remotely or in the same room.

  • Reduce manual tasks

    Reduce manual tasks

    Automate the more mundane tasks and save huge amounts of time, especially when facing tight deadlines. With this extra time, you can spend more time focusing on the creative side of things rather than boring manual tasks.

Animation solutions

  • CG Compositing & Review

    The Nuke family is the industry-standard toolset for compositing and reviews. Its extensive 2D toolset and 3D environment allows artists to easily tackle complex 2D and 3D animation projects. While Nuke Studio, Hiero and HieroPlayer give you unprecedented control over your review workflows, so you have control over every aspect of your image.
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  • Look Development & Lighting

    Katana is the ultimate look development and lighting tool. Its look development workflows allow artists to work on multiple assets at once, making lighting 3D animation easy. Meanwhile, its sequenced-based lighting reduces the back-and-forthing and empowers artists to seamlessly light whole sequences. Load files quickly, battle complexity and experience powerful look development and lighting.
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  • Story Development

    Flix is Foundry’s story development hub and brings order to the chaos of pre-production. Designed to create fast-paced creative collaboration, everyone has access to the latest versions of every section of your projects, ensuring seamless communication across departments. Flix supports Photoshop, Storyboard Pro Avid and Premiere, so you can work in the way that’s best for you, and efficiently organize your pre-production.
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  • 3D Design

    Modo is Foundry’s flexible 3D animation, modeling, texturing and rendering toolset. It empowers artists to explore and develop ideas without jumping through technical hoops, and is the industry’s fastest modeling toolset. Its animation programs are offering an efficient way to create and move assets—3D animation and modeling has never been easier.
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Our products in action

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    Collaborate Remotely on an Animatic with Flix & Storyboard Pro

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