Foundry’s Education Program for Students & Graduates.

Now offering the Education Collective for students. Launch your career.

We want to give you affordable access to fully functional, non-limited, commercial versions of our award-winning software—the same software you’ll use out in the industry. To get you started on your career in film, television, games or design, we offer you the ability to upgrade your student or graduate license to a permanent commercial license at over 70% off the regular price.

If you’re a student or recent graduate of a course lasting at least five months, choose from either our Production Collective or Creation Collective to get started. Each Collective is a suite of Foundry products in a single, node-locked license lasting one year. Each license provides access to non-limited, commercial versions of the software.

Student pricing for Production and Creation Collectives

Student license request

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Upgrade to commercial licenses at 70% off the regular price. 

An active student or graduate license (or one that’s expired within the last six months) entitles you to upgrade to a permanent seat of the PRODUCTION COLLECTIVE, CREATION COLLECTIVE, Cara VR, Nuke Studio, Nuke X, Nuke, Mari, Modo or Hieroplayer at over 70% off the regular commercial price.

For example, a permanent PRODUCTION COLLECTIVE license is only $2,179—a massive saving of $6,120!

Student discounts for Foundry software


If you’ve graduated from a degree-granting or certificate-granting course lasting at least five months and requiring attendance of at least two days per week, and the course finished less than six months ago, you’re eligible to apply for a graduate license.

Apply for a graduate license
Graduate licensing for education from Foundry

Part-time and short course attendees

If you’re enrolled in part-time or short courses that don’t fit the criteria above, it may be possible to arrange a license directly with your course provider. For more information, contact with the details of your course and course provider.

If you don’t meet any of these criteria, but still think you should be eligible, contact

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between non-commercial and education licensing?

Non-commercial licenses have usage limitations and restrictions. Non-commercial licenses are for home-use only; therefore, they cannot be used in a commercial environment including schools. Our education licenses provide full non-limited commercial versions of the software meaning students can easily transfer files between home and school machines and take their work with them into the industry. Once a project is started in non-commercial, it cannot later be transferred to education/commercial versions due to file encryption, so projects would need to be started from scratch in full commercial versions. Additionally, Foundry education licenses allow students and graduates to upgrade to permanent commercial licenses at 70% off the commercial price.

What happens if I upgrade early, while my education license is still active?

We will run a one year of permanent maintenance from the end of their education license.

What other methods can I pay apart from by card online?

Payment methods will be listed on the invoice. Please note we do not accept Paypal.

How long do I have to pay?

The payment link will expire in 30 days.

Can I transfer my license to another machine?

Yes, please complete the attached license transfer form and send it to and we will get your new license out to you. We permit a maximum of 2 license transfers a year.

How do I get a system ID?

  • Download and run our Foundry License Utility (FLU):
  • The System ID is a 12 digit code displayed along the bottom of the FLU window.

Can the license be used on multiple machines?

The education licence can only be used on a single machine but we can offer a 50% discount off the cost of a second education licence if that would help give access to a second machine. If that's something that's of interest please, please email

How do I get help from the technical support team?

Download The Foundry License Utility:

Then send your diagnostic log along with a screenshot of the error to our technical support team by creating a ticket in the Support Portal:

To create a ticket: Once signed in, you will see a task bar at the very top, click on the 4 squares icon, choose 'Support', '+Add', then new 'ticket'. You'll be able to attach the required files by clicking on the paperclip icon.

The technical support team will look into the problem and be in touch to help.

How do I install my license?

Please visit the Support Portal here for installation instructions or to contact our support team.

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