Create binge-worthy episodic content

As timelines and budgets for episodic content get tighter, studios of all sizes are trying to complete work more efficiently. Foundry tools are production-proven, helping teams to work collaboratively at scale, and accelerate the process of getting from the render to the final image—so teams can keep a competitive edge in a quickly growing market. Tackle complex, high-volume projects with ease, whilst delivering on the rising demand for quality and the increasing need for efficiency.

Harmonize projects, people and processes

Collaboration is key when it comes to meeting quality demands and deadlines for episodic projects. A number of fundamental features and vital connections between tools—both Foundry and beyond—reduce pipeline friction and underpin creative harmony across artists, teams and studios.

  • LiveGroups in Foundry tools support powerful workflows for teams of artists. Projects can be broken down and brought together at the end, with LiveGroups used to work between departments, and collaborate within departments
  • Industry-standard OpenColorIO (OCIO) color management runs through all image-related operations in Foundry’s Nuke, Katana and Mari, so you can work with the confidence that your color spaces are correct
  • Katana to Nuke interoperability brings 2D and 3D teams together. Lighting and look development artists can see their work in context of a Nuke render, with renders from Katana live-streamed to a running version of Nuke

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It’s fair to say that Nuke is pretty much the industry standard for compositing high-end VFX work. On episodic work, where there are often multiple vendors, it makes sense if certain software packages are common to all VFX suppliers [...] and having the ability to exchange scripts cuts down on duplication of work, saving precious time in post.

Sue Land, VFX Supervisor and Head of 2D, REALTIME

Accelerate your workflow through automation

When time is tight, the importance of automating parts of your pipeline can’t be understated. It allows your studio to work more efficiently, and get the most out of your resources. Plus, it reduces artist overhead and enables them to put their creative energy into making their shots beautiful.

  • Essential machine learning tools such as Nuke’s CopyCat plugin allows artists to train neural networks to create custom effects for their own image-based tasks, saving huge amounts of time
  • A robust Python API across Foundry tools enables pipeline teams to automate procedures in the node graph and write custom tools
  • Simple template set-up ensures artists never have to go through the process of setting up scenes from scratch

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The inclusion of Katana has definitely lived up to my expectations. Solidifying our templates and developing tools have allowed artists to concentrate on the look of a shot rather than just debugging and pushing data through. Now we can work on a few shots that drive a bevy of similar shots automatically which in turn allows more shots to get done faster.

Scott Penningroth, Lighting Supervisor, Atomic Cartoons

Tackle industry challenges

  • Scales to fit your needs

    Stay one step ahead

    Streaming services and episodic content moves fast, and so do our tools. Experience the latest innovations and developments when you use Foundry software—from machine learning and cloud to real-time workflows—to stay ahead of the curve and keep quality output sky-high.

  • Power up your pipeline

    Power up your pipeline

    From pre-to-post production—Foundry tools ship with powerful, industry-leading architecture and UX, designed to handle a huge amount of shots, sequences and asset variations. Be confident that episodic projects get delivered on time, and to the highest possible standard.

  • Do more with less

    Do more with less

    Battle tight budgets with tools that do the heavy lifting, freeing up artist time and resource so they can spend it focusing on being creative, meeting quality demands, and smashing deadlines.

  • More complexity, less complications

    More complexity, less complications

    Take on larger and more intricate projects safe in the knowledge that Foundry tools can manage complexity with ease. Support for industry-standard formats like OpenColorIO and ACES, paired with robust color management workflows, make Foundry tools the cornerstone of many pipelines creating complex color-managed and HDR content.


Netflix Post Technology Alliance

To become a member of the Netflix Post Technology Alliance, Foundry’s compositing tool Nuke underwent rigorous evaluation to make sure it met the Netflix technical and workflow requirements needed in the post production and delivery of Netflix Originals. It’s official: from feature films to episodic shows, Nuke’s your go-to tool.

VFX solutions

  • CG Compositing & Review

    The Nuke family is the industry-standard toolset for image compositing and reviews. Nuke X’s cutting-edge compositing workflows add advanced tools for tracking, clean up, and refining, injecting more power, control and speed in your creative process. Meanwhile, Nuke Studio, Hiero and HieroPlayer give you unprecedented precision over your review workflows, so you have control over every aspect of your image.
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  • Lighting

    Katana is the ultimate look development and lighting tool. Its look development workflows allow artists to work on multiple assets at once, making lighting VFX shots and sequences easy. Meanwhile, its sequenced-based lighting reduces the back-and-forthing and empowers artists to seamlessly light whole sequences. Load files quickly, battle complexity and experience powerful look development and lighting.
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  • Look Development

    From procedural to hand-painted textures and everything in between, Mari is 3D painting without limits. This essential look development tool combines formidable power and performance to handle even the most complex assets with artist-friendly 3D paint tools, that make the most of your creativity.
    Discover Mari
  • Story Development

    Flix is Foundry’s story development hub and brings order to the chaos of pre-production. Designed to create fast-paced creative collaboration, everyone has access to the latest versions of every section of your projects, ensuring seamless communication across departments. Flix supports Photoshop, Storyboard Pro Avid and Premiere, so you can work in the way that’s best for you, and efficiently organize your pre-production.
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    Delivering Film Quality Visual Effects on Episodic Timelines | Foundry Webinar

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    The Power of Learning Katana for Lighting | Foundry Webinar

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